To all my Wolverine fans who live in Ohio

Submitted by manchild56 on November 26th, 2011 at 4:50 PM

What a great feeling it is. It is a great win today no matter where you live, but the last 7 years of abuse from the state of Ohio is now lifted. Now gaurd your house and vehicles cause you know they wont go quitely... Go Blue



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Toledo is absolutely the greatest place in the world the week of the game.  Tons of Michigan fans, but the Buckeyes are brutal.  I have had to listen to way, way too much garbage and it is nice to see the tide turning.


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I (my parents) live in a pretty Michigan-centric neighborhood, and a few of us were just celebrating in the street. The level-headed Ohio fan down the street came out, congratulated us, and jokingly threatened to call the cops for the noise. What a great day.


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Yeah, I *love* the way the mods at 11warriors are editing the non-Ohio posts to make the posters look stupid.  Real class there.  Now I don't care if they delete posts or ban people, but to just change posts of one or two posters shows how shallow they are and unable to win with witty comebacks. 


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I keep hearing:

"We shouldn't have been in the game anyway, our D was terrible and made Denard look like a QB instead of a RB that throws...which he is."

"Congrats Mich on beating a bad team" - wouldn't this contradict their, 3 wins?

I always try to reason with them (and fail) and point out no matter what, it ALWAYS comes back to Michigan.  Example:  instead of calling Pryor and Co. idiots for what they were, the proceded to rail on Michigan for whatever reason saying that we can celebrate all we want, but we still can't win.  I asked what this has to do with Michigan and simply said that they are the most insecure bunch of whiners I've ever witnessed. They glorify and model their fandom after a grown man that tore up yard markers and punched a player.  

I realize people don't like Michigan fans, because we are arrogant.  But I think we've earned that right when you are statistically the greatest football team in history.


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I grew up in Westerville through elementary school and moved to Columbus (Patterson and Indianola Ave about a 15 minute walk from Campus). I have the sweetest memory of walking down towards campus after the 1986 game as a 7th grader giving it to the Buckeyes making their way home from the game. 


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I live in the hometown of the Space Emperor (Twinsburg). Going to work downtown Cleveland on a Monday hasn't felt this good in years. BlOwSU fans surely will have their excuses...and I will gladly listen to them for the next 365 days!

Go Blue. Thank you for winning.

Wolverine Incognito

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I work in Columbus for the OSU Medical Center.

I would not have been able to go into work ever again if we lost.  But now, I am going to show them true class by not rubbing in their faces and just being happy that Michigan won!


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I too live in Columbus.

Please don't negbomb me for 'cool story bro', but after the game....

I drove down to campus with my Michigan shirt on after the game.

I marched from the Oval to High Street, singing The Victors (the full version) loudly and often.  There's a Wendy's on High Street with a statue of Brutus, and took a picture of him with my Michigan shirt on him.  On my way back to my car, I ran into a van of 3 other, older Michigan fans, who gave me maize and blue beads and a M car flag.

I also stopped by Ohio Stadium to hawk a loogie on the north gate.  Churlish?  Yes.  But...



I shoulda started a thread here to gather other Columbus area MGoUsers to celebrate.  I guess we do that next year, eh?



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Yeah, Michigan wins a couple more in a row and they will be selling Michigan gear again on High Street across the street from campus the way they were in '92/'93. What a dispicable fan base. When things aren't going well they disapear and even begin rooting for other teams. When things are going well they are the most vocal, arrogant, obnoxious fans in any sport. Alas, though, the Universe has been Righted.  


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It's so good to get that off the shoulders. Of course the excuse making started as soon as the game was over. But who gives a crap, we had to fight against the refs again towards the end as they tried to screw us over reversing that call and then the personal foul. But thank the Michigan hating gods for having the day off. My family and I are on our way out so we can show off our school spirit and rag on any suckeye that looks at me wrong!!! GO BLUE!!!


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@randyfloyd - yeah, actually most of the OSU fans were pretty cool.  I'll admit that singing The Victors while walking down High Street was a bit over the top on my part.  I got a LOT of heat when I ran into Wendy's to take a picture of Brutus with my Michigan shirt, but the meathead in the corner was content to just flip me the bird as I pranced out of the Wendy's singing the Victors.  Also I hadda kinda sorta respect OSU for keeping it VERY interesting.  

...granted, they mostly kept it interesting b/c of stupid stupid mistakes by us.


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I'm a Wolverine living in Michigan. I think I take for granted I can show my colors without fear of reprisal.
<br>You Woverines caught behind the Iron Curtain in Ohio are not so fortunate. I'm really glad that today you've been liberated, free of the oppressive yoke of the Buckeye regim.

Poster Nutbag

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It feels soooooo good no matter how much they try to cheapen it! so proud of these seniors and all that they have been through! Bo was right, "Those who stay will be champions!'



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ill tell you what, going home for Thanksgiving to Centerville, OH (as a student) was hilarious - normally all I get is shit and trash talk - this year the supposed "fans" were making excuses even before they lost. I love it. 


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to all the Ohio Wolverines.  Thanks for sticking with us.  II sit next to a couple from the "Strip" (Woody and Megan and his two boys).  They we almost crying today.  I was so happy for them.  We have a big tent and welcome all fans from Ohio.

Its great, to be, a Michigan Wolverine.


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  And I've always prided myself on being a gracious Michigan fan, even when losing and especially for the past 7 years when I've consistently had it rubbed in my face from "fans" who have trouble spelling  O-S-U.  Today, at the game, when Denard took that last knee, those 7 years of abuse just erupted ot of me and I was kind of a dick to the OSU fans running out of the stadium.  I'm not proud of it, but it felt great to exorcise some demons.  I can go back to being a gracious fan again, and a winner for a change...

Darth Wolverine

November 27th, 2011 at 11:26 AM ^

I live in Westlake (suburb of Cleveland) and it's a great feeling. It has been too long.


Gotta love some of my Buckeye friends and my brother saying shit like, "OK, you squeaked by OSU in a down year blablabla." 


Down year? What the hell was 2008, 2009, and 2010 for Michigan? Give me a break. Just so salty they are. I hate OSU fans. I absolutely hate, despise, loathe, take your pick on any word, all OSU fans. They are beyond ridiculous.


All you have to say to them is "scoreboard" because that is all that matters.