All Michigan NCAA Tournament Games currently being seeded on KAT

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April 2nd, 2013 at 4:19 AM ^

It was T3Media (the licensing agent of Big Ten football) and their in-house counsel that gutted WH's channel and they don't send out C&Ds. They use YouTube's copyright notification system. The notifications were showing up as ZEFR at first but it was T3Media.


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Though my thought process is now: "Must. Not. Spend. All. Week. Making. Hype. Video."

Probably going to spend all week making a hype video. I'm not good at listening to myself.


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I don't have enough points to start a thread and this is kind of on topic so I will post it in here. Last December I was bored and just looking around the internet for a website for sports torrents. I found . It carries all sports from football to basketball to hockey. It also seems to favor Michigan sports like the Wolverines and the Red Wings.