All LOIs are in. Time to party.

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Per MGoBlue, all letters are in.  (insert dancing.gif)


*LsOI or LOIs?  Don't matter because Michigan Football is baaack.



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The 1 jersey isn't what caused the angst you're referring to... it was Rodriguez and/or the priors who didnt know/communicate the tradition we have.    This time around, when the 1 jersey returns, Im pretty confident it will coincide with the general acceptance that the real Michigan is back.


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Celebrating with some Red Stripe!



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I like this - 27 letters and all before lunch. Indeed, 21 of them before 9 AM. A great class and an excellent job by Hoke and the staff in bringing this group into the Michigan program. The fact that all of them seemed so eager is evidence of how hard this staff works as well as evidence of how well they represent Michigan. That leaves a little time to maybe consider working before Hoke's 2 PM press conference. Maybe.


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is OSU getting Von Bell from seemingly out of nowhere, especially on the heels of landing Dontre Wilson yesterday.  I'm not going to lie, the only thing limiting my long-term optimism of the Michigan football program right now is Urban Meyer.  The combination of Meyer being such a good in-game coach and excellent recruiter means that Hoke and Company really have their work cut out for them in terms of finding a way to beat those guys regularly. 

From a talent perspective, the recruiting strategies are clear - Urban will take a little more risk on character than Hoke if it means getting the 5 star prima donna out of the South to pick the OSU hat on signing day.  Hoke will sacrifice a little bit of talent for the certainty that comes with having good character guys and a class that won't de-commit in waves. 

As a fanbase, we have to hope that Meyer gets burned a few times by some of the higher risk guys he reaches for, so that in a given year, the talent that actually lines up on the field is pretty similar between the two teams.  From there, it just becomes a matter of who can coach up good talent better. 

I can tell you that as much as I like Hoke, I'd still rather be sitting on OSU's side of the rivalry right now.  Hindsight may well prove that OSU benefited from the Tressel scandal because of Meyer's availability.  This is why I hate the NCAA - they allow a program of questionnable ethics to replace one dirty coach with a better, more driven dirty coach without any questions whatsoever.   


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3 four stars and 1 five star in the last week.  He has mastered 1/2 of recruiting - persuading kids to believe his spiel (other 1/2 is proper evaluation).

Agree with your points about the bar being raised very high for Hoke.  Our class is deep and very solid, but we need a top 5 class every year to match Meyer's talent levels.

Hopefully his dysfunctional culture approach from UF will surface at OSU with the stars turning into prima donnas and distant recruits simply playing for themselves instead of the team.

Hoke believes character wins on the field while Meyer believes pure athleticism wins.  I think Hoke is right but we'll see over time.


Ron Utah

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This is an amazing class, and undoubtedly one of the best in school history.  Yes, Ohio seems to have a better collection of talent, but we'll see if that translates to wins.

Looking forward to 2014, if Speight is right and they only take 16, we'll have a tough time scoring a top ten class again.  We better get damn good Michigan Men to fill those spots!

Indiana Blue

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This is a great class because it speaks to what Hoke is trying to build.  Getting Green was huge ... but Michigan is trying to build the offensive and defensive lines to create the Foundation for the future.  Jake Long and Taylor Lewan are just the most recent examples of the Michigan heritage of linemen.  

Hoke is all about MANBALL and I really doubt that he and urban meyer share much in common in football strategy or the "type" of player they try to recruit.  Fact is that Saban is essentially running a B1G model down south.  Big strong offensive lines attract very skilled runners.  So now Michigan must prove its ability up front - and "skilled players" will follow.

Go Blue! 


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on the level of the SEC, and Hoke's recruiting seems to be the intersection of talent with character (versus just talent), I think the best we can hope for is a cyclical Alabama model. What I mean is if he stacks the talent through cyclical class sizing, we can contend every three or four years. Kind of like when Bo used to have a building year every three or so.

Clearly Hoke is aiming to be like Alabama in style (where as under Rich Rodriguez we had hoped to be Florida in style and that is where Ohio is going) - big and brutal on the lines / opponents' speedy receivers tossed like ragdolls on their routes ...

And so, four seasons from now, we should be in great shape. 2nd year of Shane, 5th year Senior and 4 year Junior lines. And maybe by then our passing game under Devin and Shane attracts a big time receiver.

Just have to be patient ...


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E.J. Levenberry hasn't signed his LOI to FSU yet.. Rumors are he is considering Tennessee heavily, though. 

Is there any way we can snake-oil him away?


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SIAP and I didn't want to start another thread.

Craziest signing day story has to be Alex Collins' mom stealing his LOI papers because he was going to sign with Arkansas.


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I'm curious, how many decommittments did we have over the course of this recruiting cyle? Conley, I remember, and Dawson did his  thing where he left but then came back. Anyone else? Pretty low attrition rate if that was all! :)


And we didn't have a ton of big recruiting misses either: we didn't get Levenberry, McQuary III, or Treadwell but that was about it wasn't it?


Definitely a good signing day :)