All Hail Holgo- Smith passes for 656 yards and 8 TDs

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Dana Holgorsen is a bit of a character which I think is pretty interesting. However, his approach to offense is outstanding, I think the guy is a genius. He's got Geno Smith passing for video game numbers on Baylor on 45 of 51 (!), not some baby seal, just crazy. Tip of the hat to those guys. I hope Al was watching that game.



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I wouldn't say the Baylor bears are a baby seal, but this team gave up 56 to Washington in last year's bowl game, 48 to TCU, 55 to A&M, 42 to Texas Tech, etc.  This is not a defense that is going to keep competent offenses below 35 points.


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Smith is Graham Harrell , except with wheels, and Stedman Bailey is Michael Crabtree all over again.

Briles should be commended for his work at Baylor. They too are a scary offensive football team.

Welp, back to lining up in the pro-set for manball....



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This game showed what great offenses they both also showed what absolute horrible defenses they both have.  I really don't like being a fan of a team that has virtually no defense.


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That Air Raid offense that they have really is something. Geno is amongst the players I have to watch every week (Sammy Watkins is another). I really hope his success will translate to the pros. I'm not sure, but has there been a successful Air Raid QB?


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but the WRs are in such fantastic physical condition because they're literally running sprints like 80 times full blast, no huddle.

When I watched Texas Tech a few years ago, these WRs got so wide open, it was ridiculous.

WRs Stedman Bailey,Terrance Williams and Lanear Samspon were  alot of fun to watch.  Brace yourselves NFL.

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He may be an offensive genius, but he needs to hire a competent defensive coordinator. I don't care how many points you score, giving up 60+ points a game is pathetic.

They might be in trouble when they play a real defense.


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(1/2) Rewatching some Baylor/WVU. WVU's CB coaching awful. BU's 3Q TD to Williams, Jenkins, decent corner, 10yd cushion, backpedals 6 times



(2/2), takes a false step inside, then turns 180 around and is in trail position on Williams (a 1st rounder). Just odd footwork coaching.



WVU really thin at CB and BU a nightmare matchup in that regard, but IMHO very poor coaching of CBs was main (not only) culprit of bad D


Maybe WVU will always be cursed with having bad DB coaching...


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It's not just the stat line that's impressive. Did you see the trajectory on Smith's passes, especially the deep balls? It was a beautiful display. Holgo may be responsible for a great offense, but a scheme is not responsible for 45-51.