TO ALL DISH CUSTOMERS AF vs Michigan this Saturday

Submitted by WingsNWolverines on September 4th, 2012 at 1:26 AM

Just a quick FYI ladies and gents, the AF vs Michigan game is being televised on ESPN2 this Saturday. Also note they are showing that game if you live within the broadcasting area of it's live showing (Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc) however if you do live in any of the northeastern states or NY there is a strong chance you will most likely pick up the USC Syracuse game so if you are by a computer check out or if you have a package plan check on your alternate sports channels. Just making sure everybody is in the know. I've had a few issues with this in the past. GO BLUE!



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ESPN's deal with the Big Ten requires them to televise the game in every market on one of their five broadcast channels. The worst that might happen is that they shift it to ESPNU, which often isn't on the same subscription tier as ABC/ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNClassic


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Via Primitive Over-the-Air [albeit digital] Antenna: WABC-TV Channel 7.1. 

Check your cable/satellite listings if they're going to make it more complicated.

[And probably good to check again in case they have second thoughts before Saturday.]


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[redacted by moderator as we are not encouraging illegal pirating of game feeds]


I just came across that site for the first time last week. I was able to watch ANY college football game I wanted this weekend, even the lowly matchups. If it's being broadcasted on TV anywhere, this site will have it up.

I was even able to stream from this site on the PS3, allowing me to still watch on the flat screen and not being forced to watch it on my 13'' monitor.