Alex Kozan still undecided?

Submitted by tjl7386 on February 1st, 2012 at 10:16 AM

Rob Howe @HawkeyeInsider

According to source close to Alex Kozan, the '12 CO OL still considering #Iowa #Auburn #Michigan as of last nite. Hasn't made final decision

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    Perhaps this is the other possible surprise?



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    It took me awhile to figure out the joke until I realized I misspelled coach!  In my defense, I stayed up late last night watching video of Norfleet.  My brain is working at only 75% capacity and I'm distracted by visions of juking five people simultaneously.


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    You could take a look at Scout's recruiting class rankings. Us and Ohio in the top five and then MSU in third place at thirty-six. The Big Ten's recruiting efforts were pretty hilarious outside the top two programs.