ALCS Game 4

Submitted by LongLiveBo on October 16th, 2013 at 7:13 PM

Fister and Peavy will be taking the hump.  Eat 'em up, Tigers!



Fire Borges.



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I like the Tigers chances here. Then again, I've liked their chances every game so far because I sincerely think that they are the better team and of course I am a fan of them. This is a must win and I really think it will depend more on the Tigers' starter than the other games, since it doesn't matter how good you pitch when you don't score a run. This is their opportunity to get the bats going. They know Peavy, they've hit Peavy, and they should have a good shot on this game, only if Fister and the pen deals well enough to keep them in it.

OMG Shirtless

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I'm just going to go ahead and assume you don't understand the concept of Freedom of Speech.  

EDIT: I do not have a problem with the guy having "Fire Borges" in his signature.  He just added that.  My issue and the Mod's issue was adding "Fire Borges" to every single comment he made regardless of whether or not it was even applicable to the discussion.  


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Has Brian made a rule outlawing "fire Borges" comments? Granted, it has nothing to do with the Tigers thread, but I viewed that as part of his signature. What does "I put up a tough front, but deep down I just want to be held" have to do with the Tigers?


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I understand your edit and appreciate it. Why did you have to question my understanding of freedom of speech to make your point? That's bordering on a personal attack, (i.e., insulting my intelligence) when you know very little about me. My point is, there is a way to have a polite discussion, and questioning other's intelligence is not the way to do it.

OMG Shirtless

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People who claim Freedom of Speech when it so clearly does not apply is a pet peeve. Unless MGoBlog is owned by the government, Freedom of Speech is not applicable in any way shape or form.  Brian could take his ban on politics a step further and ban discussions about unicorns (Why on earth would anyone want to do that?), and there is absolutely nothing the National Unicorn Association of America could do about it.


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i didn't think leyland would make a change, since the logical replacement at the top of the order (infante) has been struggling too.  i love this lineup change.  it likely takes an at bat away from jackson and gives it to one of our big boppers.  i hope it works.  go get 'em tigers!


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Austin Jackson getting booted from lead off to 8th. If Leyland wanted to send a message, consider it sent! that's a demotion! And honestly, it's warranted. AJ has basically crapped his pants in the playoffs.


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It is getting to a point where the "Fire Borges" trolling in threads that have nothing to do with Michigan's situation on offense might start landing people on a "short leash" list. This is really over the top. If someone is going to disrupt the conversation in other threads when there are numerous places for discussion already provided, actions might be taken.

Sir Guy

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Why do the announcers always make the Tigers situation seem doom and gloom? "Racehorse inning" "Fister throws wild pitches" "Salt is the toughest out..." Please tell me if its just me.