Albert Breer thinks Greg Schiano will be the hire

Submitted by RIP Tractor T on December 3rd, 2014 at 1:55 PM

In a guest spot on the Gresh & Zo program on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston, the NFL network's Albert Breer projected that Greg Schiano will be the next Michigan head coach. He indicated that Schiano had been offered the job back in 2007, which he declined at first, but later tried to pursue, at which point Michigan had already proceeded too far with Rich-Rod.

Now, I know Breer is an NFL reporter and an admitted (unabashed) OSU supporter, but the suggestion that Schiano may be the next guy made me almost lose my lunch. Figured I'd see what everyone else thinks...





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Schiano has the 3rd best odds at Bovada FWIW.  Miles won't get an offer, Harbaugh says no, and UM settles for Schiano.  This is how I see this whole situation playing out.  Plus Schiano will come cheap and that will help Schlissel sleep at night.


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To me, it seems like someone in the media floated Schiano as a "good fit" for Michigan and the rest of them used the "lemming approach" to "journalism."  If Schiano was hired, David Brandon would be laughing because the fanbase would hate someone worse than they hate him.  


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Do we really need another protest to let Hackett and Co. know hiring Schiano would be unacceptable? At first I laughed that option off but now it seems to be picking up steam. I'm terrified at the thought of seeing him run out of the tunnel and slapping that banner.


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When Schiano was first offered, that was 2 ADs ago, 2 coaches ago and when Schiano was a hot name in coaching.  Now he is a former (somewhat decent) college coach who bombed in the NFL.  So in summary, if this Breer guy's basis for this is that we've offered him in the past and that Schiano is available and interested, well then he probably should not be seen as anyone who deserves to be listened to for a moment.


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Like every other Michigan fan with an ounces of intelligence I want my childhood hero to be the coach. 


But Gary Schiano bombing in the NFL may or may not show that he would be a bad coach in the NCAA.  Pete Carroll at the Jets and Nick Saban at Miami are both examples.  Hell even being a crappy college coach at one place doesn't mean you suck, look at Rich Rod.  Losing can build on itself just like winning. 


The Baughz

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He is a Buckeye slappy. Of course he is going to say that the guy Michigan fans dont want, will be the next coach. It's not too far fetched, but I'll take what this asshat has to say with a decent sized grain of salt.