Alabama students are not students of the game

Submitted by dnak438 on August 29th, 2012 at 12:25 PM

From the twitter feed of an English instructor at Alabama, Brian Oliu:

My final quiz question today was 'Who is the starting quarterback for Michigan.' & four people got it. FOUR. Alabama students are terrible.


This was after they asked to have the quiz today because the majority of them were going to Dallas for the game.



@ejgold90 it just further proves my point that Alabama students know nothing about football.



Also, don't worry, I yelled at every single one of them & told them 'KNOW YOUR ENEMY'. I swear, y'all.


I also found this when I was a graduate student at Texas. It was almost as if football didn't exist outside of the Big 12 for them.



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Honestly, you should know AJ McCarron. I think most football fans should know the name of the guy who just QBed the most recent national championship. If you don't know Washington's QB or Boston College's QB, I get it. But he was the guy who was the QB for the best team in the country last year, won the national title, and you all knew we'd be playing them in the opening game this year. If we rip on them for not knowing Denard, we better know McCarron.


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I consider myself somewhat of a fooball zealot and I just went through Michigan's entire schedule this year and the only QBs I knew for sure was Martinez and Braxton.

Not sure i'd hang them on this one.


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I guess I meant it is reasonable not to know them, but you're right, if you are a fanatic, you should. I was thinking along the lines of "would a [probably fake] class of students who call themselves fans know them." Notre Dame has been pretty publicized (not necessarily for good reasons) so that should be a gimme too.


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I think it is more the fact that Denard has had so much hype around him for the past two seasons and being on the Heisman watchlist should make them at least aware of him.


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I remember when I had a class with a visting prof and our main paper was due to the Monday after the tOSU game.  A bunch of us handed it in the Thursday before the game.  He tried to tell us to keep them since we could further refine the paper over the weekend.  Actually he became rather angry when none of us expressed any interest in that offer.  


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If the game is trolling, you've got to see one of the most impressive examples at the "Alabama fan with 100 posts has some questions." It's pretty intense.