Alabama OT Cam Robinson, Potential 2017 First Round Pick, Arrested on Felony Weapons Charge

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Assuming Robinson is kicked off the team, which Alabama fans expect, this is a huge loss. As the title said he was a potential first rounder, mabe even top 10 pick next year.

One of Alabama's sole question marks for next year was OL and he was supposed to be the anchor. Their line struggled in the spring game with our due to injury and were hoping it would improve once he returned. Alabama will now potentially be starting freshmn at both tackle spots.

Also arrested for a misdemeanor is backup DB Hootie Jones. The main loss for Alabama there is the name.


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I see that he was arrested with a less heralded teammate (though he has lesser charges), easy solution for Nick Saban... make an example of the other guy.


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Who needs to steal/buy a stolen firearm these days? Go to a store. Also, who needs a firearm if you're a man mountain? Also, why am I wondering WAS IT POT? POT NOT SO BAD. Okay, done here

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Robinson will probably get kicked off the team for a felony stolen weapons charge, which is an enormous loss for the Tide. He's a shoo-in first rounder and probably the best returning player on their offense.

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And not in AL is probably going to work against these guys, no friendly officers or courtrooms. I will assume that they both get kicked off the team, but then again, one is a first round draft pick. The other is a reserve player. Fall guys gonna fall, and Chris Carter and Ray Lewis are both free for consultation.


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1. To the people saying he'll just be suspended for a half. The early indicator is 'he gone'.

2. Read the comments on that has the article. They start with "In Cam's defense, he was so stoned he didn't know the gun was stolen." And it gets better.

Leaders And Best

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Ugly Title IX sexual assault lawsuit at Tennessee.

Laremy Tunsil social media hack during NFL Draft exposes alleged violations at Ole Miss, and Hugh Freeze now fighting to keep a potential deposition in a Tunsil lawsuit sealed.

Alabama's DL coach resigns amid an inquiry into recruiting violations.

Mississippi St.'s star recruit, Jeffrey Simmons, is caught on tape assaulting a woman.

Texas A&M's WR coach subtweets 5-star QB reneging on verbal commitment. In addition, every QB recruited during the Kevin Sumlin era has now transferred as well after Kyle Allen & Kyler Murray leave the program.

Now Cam Robinson.




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I think it is very sad that a young man who stands to make millions in the NFL doesn't have someone in his life that will take it upon themselves to make sure he doesn't do something like this. It's fun to laugh at Alabama and Saban, but this is really just a sad situation. Glad he got caught before he did something even more stupid with the gun.


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And all too frequent.  You would think these guys would just have something inside them that just says this is wrong.  I guess I am just too naive.  But so many blow their chances for a free education, play football for a big school, chance to maybe play in the NFL and then just piss it away over a stupid decision.  


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After Bama runs the score up 52-0 in the first half against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, those boys will be FORCED to sit out the second half as a suspension. Punishment served SEC style.


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Alabama allows open carry by adults but requires a permit to openly carry in a vehicle. I ASSume that is the reason for the charge on the two firearms that were in the open. 

The stolen firearm was under the seat, and if I read the report correctly, on the driver's side. I wonder who owns the car. What does the state have to prove to show that Robinson actually possessed the firearm? Assuming it's his car, is that sufficient for possession? Must the state show that he knew or should have been expected to know that the firearm in question was stolen? What if he has a receipt for the firearm in question and the seller can demonstrate that neither Robinson nor the seller knew it was stolen? Are there laws concerning the private sale of firearms in Alabama that if followed would have identified the firearm as stolen? If not is there a mechanism in the state by which either the seller or the buyer could have determined this either before, at, or shortly after the sale? 

Unlike some folks I don't presume that possessing firearms is necessarily a bad thing or the sign of thuggish behavior. That said, they were stupid to have firearms in the car in the open and accessible without the proper permits. If Robinson knew the firearm was stolen then he's probably gone and deservedly so.