Alabama Game Ticket Information (Cowboys Classic)

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Is MGoBlog asleep this morning? It's been 15 minutes since this information's been released, and still no thread. Here goes. First a couple of links (ticket sale date information, and press release).

Starting in late January, the University of Michigan Athletic Ticket Office will begin taking orders for tickets to the 2012 season opener against defending national champion Alabama. The Cowboys Classic game will be played Saturday night, Sept. 1, at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Michigan will use a phased approach for ordering tickets to the game based on priority points earned from donors and season ticket holders' overall investment in Michigan Athletics. Since seating is limited and price levels will sell out, individuals are encouraged to purchase tickets early in their eligibility period to ensure the best seating based on their priority level. Ticket Prices: Michigan's allotment of nearly 25,000 tickets includes three price levels that will be available while quantities last: $285, $175 and $125.

In addition, students can only purchase one ticket as part of the away game packages starting in April. Specific dates are included in the first link. General public sale starts on Feb. 29. Good luck all.



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Both Michigan and Alabama travel very well, and it seems highly unlikely to me that the prices go down at all.  At the LSU-Oregon game in Dallas last year the standing room only tickets were going for $159 on stub hub, and I'd venture a guess to say the two fan bases of this year's JerryWorld game travel better than last years.  So it could be very pricey, especially with all the hype leading up to it during the off season.


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are through the roof as well.  Since I live in the DFW area, have been tracking the possibility for a Suite with the Cowboys ticket office for the last few months.  Suites will be sold thru via the Cowboys, not the universities.

Last fall, the estimate for a 36 seat, 52 occupant suite was $30K, and for a 52 seat, 68 occupant suite was $40K.  Pricing that came out yesterday the costs have bumped to $50K and $75K, respectively.

I think that effectively rules out our group getting a suite.


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I'm sorry but these prices are ridiculous - especially for a regular season college game.  Will be very interesting to watch this sales pattern.


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Where exactly are the $125 seats located???? Standing room? Outside watching jumbo trons??? or better yet are they temp bleachers (remember Superbowl debacle?),,, do the $285 seats come with a cowboy cheerleaders phone number, another ? if UM gets 25k and Bama gets 25K , who gets the other 30K?... Side note: been to Cowboy stadium for lions game,,,,, it is a pretty awesome place.


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I'll pass.  I learned my lesson at the Sugar Bowl where I rushed out and bought four tickets at $125 each only to find out people were literally giving them away prior to the game.  The free market pushed the price of seats WAY down and I'm guessing it will do the same here as well. 

The way I look at it if I'm wrong I'll pay a bit more (they certainly arent going to go up a lot) but if i'm right I may pay a whole lot less.  I like the risk vs reward odds here.


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I disagree with the risk reward. What's the most you think a $125 ticket will drop to? $50-$75? And if prices do go up, they could jump significantly, at least to the $200 range, giving you at best a toss up. As others have said, considering the market for last year's game, I would lean heavily towards prices going up.


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I can only handle about one live game appearance a year.  I would rather sit back in my favorite chair and watch the game on my 50'' HDLCD TV, or go to sports bar with friends.  I can drink as much as I want and don't have to worry about missing a entire quarter of the game when I have to piss.  You can't beat watching sports on a nice HD TV.  I'm surprised tickets continue to cost so much.  By the time a buy a airline ticket, pay for luggage,  get molested by a 300lb women named Lawanda at the gates they should pay you to go.


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Would anyone who has a lot of points care to buy 2 tickets on my behalf? :)  The only game I've seen in person is the Alamo bowl (freakin' Nebraska!) and Jerry World is within walking distance from the house.


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She's all moral police when she looks at how much money people shell out for games.  But damn, I'm with her on this one.  This is the first game of the regular season.  And I don't even see that parking is included.  I'll save my money for the Rose Bowl.

True Blue Grit

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with my crappy priority point total.  They should give you a bunch of points if you're paying tuition to U-M for your kid(s)!   I think it will still be relatively easy to get tickets though. Anyway, I wish they gave you some idea where the seating is for the different prices. 


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Has anyone with a high priority point count purchased tickets for this game yet?  Curious how the process worked.   Were you able to pick what section you want, or just specify a price and you get what's available?