Alabama Defensive Lineman Benches 600 Pounds

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That's not your mother, it's a MAN BABY!

Alabama defensive tackle Jesse Williams has made waves since arriving in Tuscaloosa from his homeland of Australia, standing out with his unique look and big personality as well as his performance on the field.

The latest feat from Williams that has fans buzzing came in the weight room on Thursday when the 320-pound lineman reportedly bench pressed 600 pounds.

To give that achievement some perspective, former Memphis star Dontari Poe, the top bench press performer at this year's NFL Combine, maxed out at 500 pounds on the bench press.

This was all over twitter recently, and I didn't see it posted anywhere. That's one strong dude. It's going to be one heck of a trench battle for the Michigan offensive lineman.



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  I can leg press that with both hands tied behind my back.


Plus, there's a reason the NFL combines use reps of 225 and not highest single bench press.

Still, it is quite impressive.  

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I thought it said "Alabama Defensive Lineman Weighs 600 pounds".   I wondered how the hell did that happen?  Guess the reminder postcard from my eye doctor for a checkup is good timing. 


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Bob Tabachino benched more than that back in the day.  Of course, his arms were about 18" long and he had ample girth so the bar didn't have to travel a whole lot.  Then again, I couldn't get 600lbs off the rack, so what the hell do I know?

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Just bench pressing 600 lbs. doesn't make a great player.

Unless he can bounce two linemen off his chest.

I don't think that's actually possible, though.

Cuz if it were, that would probably be a rules change this year.

Even if this is real, it probably doesn't mean much.

Doesn't mean he's not a raving man-beast to be feared...