Alabama auburn ending..,

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So do you want to just go ahead and spoon feed OSU a national championship right now?

Knowing our luck, they'll sneak in with FSU, Winston will get suspended, and they'll waltz their way to a title.

Could this season possibly be any shittier right now?4


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I am going to guess that Aurburn jumps Ohio State anyway, but wow.....I don't know if there is any other word which sums up the end to that game. Alabama outgained Auburn by a smidge over 100 yards, but Auburn was by far the more efficient team on offense in this game, I would say.



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OSU will lose next week. I'm telling you. If you've watched MSU play this year it's clear that this is not SOS or Sparty No! or lil bro or whatever. This is a damn good football team. Full stop. So if you don't want to see the Buckeyes in the NCG you can sit back and relax knowing that these Spartans have your back.

Go State!


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Oh, I'm not doubting that.  But MSU's offense just is too vanilla.  OSU Won't have to worry about the added dimension of a dual-threat QB (like a Gardner, Colter, Scheelhaase (sp?), so they can afford to load vs the power run, which is how Sparty seems to establish themselves offensively.

The game will largely be on Cook's shoulders...and I'm not sold that MSU has enough playmakers to win the game.

Don't get me wrong...I'll be pulling for MSU in this.  I'm just not sold on a team that could score only 14 against Purdue. I think OSU wins a close one.


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They'll score between 28-34 points on OSUs mediocre defense. MSU has a very average offense but keep in mind that the defense will cause turnovers and put MSU in great field position at least once and special teams and the punting game will keep the ball contained on the OSU side of the field. The MSU game plan isn't meant to dominate the scoreboard or the offensive stat sheets. It's built to control the game and steer it's trajectory towards an MSU win. No last second heroics. No 80 yard bombs. Just slow and steady inevitability.


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Staee is the better football team in my opionion.  They can control the ebb and flow of the game better because of their physical defense and they wear teams down.  OSU is dynamic but not as brutally efficient.  While their O-line and running game is damn good, I dont think they will be so successful up front with MSU's older, more physical d-line.  I think they punich OSU.


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Just shook my head when I saw McCarron all upset at the end and then getting a kiss from Katherine Webb.  You just know he was thinking, "eh, it's not so bad."  She's incredible.


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Is TExas A&M beats  Missouri and Missouri beats Auburn is MSU the #2 team in the country if they beat OSU?  Or does Bama sneak in as a 1 loss lol.  Mind blown.  (Bama would obviously go to NCG but MSU would be #3 in the country lol)


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Ok State is out of games after this weekend.  MSU still has one more and its against "#2" OSU.  I agree Bama would go but you'd have four 1 loss teams in MSU, OSU, Bama, and Ok State and obviously MSU would have beaten OSU and OK State is idle next week. 

I did not mean Alabama v MSU in the NCG.  I mean who would face off vs FSU in this scenario.


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After seeing the end of Auburn game i was thinking why dont we ever get those kind of breaks. OSU seems to always have luck on their side, why not us so much?