Alabama auburn ending..,

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I saw an NFL coach a week or two ago pull back his FG team after the defense put a real return man back there.  The coach didn't want a buch of offensive linemen trying to make that tackle.  

It may not have been the most likely thing to happen, but it certainly wasn't completely unpredictable.  For that matter, neither was a block and return for a TD.  A long FG is far from a risk-free event and if your kid hasn't shown the leg in game situations, I think a little second guessing is warranted. 


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Eh. I'm not mad.

Days like this, with two huge rivalry games coming down to the last moment, and one ending in the most improbable way possible (I've never seen a game end that way in America, ever, much less what was at stake) are reminders.

That football is the greatest game on Earth.

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OSU beat an unranked team by 1, Auburn beat the No. 1 team.  Plus, in the SEC championship Auburn will play a No. 4 or 5 Missouri team.  That win will be more impressive than an OSU win over MSU and should give them a bump to No. 2.