Al Borges: Will Adapt Offense to Denard

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Borges runs a pro-style offense, but he said it has gone through much tweaking over the years, and describes his philosophy as more of a hybrid pro-style.

He has run some aspects of the spread offense.

"To say we're a spread team, we're not that," Borges said. "But you can't say, we're going to blow up and start all over again, not when you have a talent like (Robinson).

From The Detroit News:


This sounds promising at least...



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...which begs an interesting question:  Will spring football revert to what it was during the Carr years (i.e. nothing, from the fan perspective) or did the glasnost/perestroika of the past three years open the flood gates enough for the spring game and other related activities to remain 'events'?


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If Lloyd ran a circus, it wouldn't be fan-friendly. 

One of the curious aspects of the Press's attitude towards RichRod, was how consistently rude Carr was towards it, and how outright dickish he was to sideline reporters--sorry, dude, it went with the territory.


Thank God, Hoke at least appears to HAVE a personality.


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I really like to see 50k people at the spring game.  Man, that is something I look forward to starting Jan 1.  And I do agree that a LOT of people will be interested to see what the team has to offer.  Should be really exciting.  I think DB will keep trying to improve the spring game.  How cool would it be to let people sit in the suites?!  Perhaps charge a nominal fee and all proceeds go to Mott Children's Hospital.  I think that would be awesome. 

Go Blue Rosie

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FWIW, he was asked about that and he said that he allowed advertising for the hockey game because hockey allows advertising.  He stated very clearly he does not intend to allow permanent advertising in the stadium and that football does not allow advertising inside the stadium.  Not saying he wasn't blowing smoke or won't change his mind but that would be a pretty big thing for him to try and sell to the boosters.   


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Did the players have to turn in their play books to Rodriguez at the end of the season? In other words, are the designs Rodriguez's own or are they property of the University? I ask because it would probably behoove Borges to understand what the kids already know. Just curious how that all works.


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The element of surprise should be there since opposing teams wont really be able to look at SDSU tapes to see what kind of plays we will run since we are going to be adjusting our offense to fit with denard.  


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Why do you say that exactly? 

SDSU had a 1500 yard, 17 TD rusher in 2010 who accounted for 60% of the teams rushes.  He's 5'10", 175lbs.  That makes him smaller than all of our RBs except VSmith, who actually weighs more than him. 

Outside of Smith, I'm not sure why people think we have small running backs.  Hopkins and Cox are big backs, Shaw and Toussaint are pretty average for RBs, and Vincent Smith is tiny.  If anything, he'll need to tweak his playbook for our bigger backs. 


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Good to hear.


On a bit of a sidenote, Al Borges could be the best thing that happened to Tate Forcier's career as a QB (provided that he makes it back on the team, of course).  Seems to me like the McNown-led Bruins were arguably Borges's best coaching job.  It also seems to me like Forcier and McNown have a similar skill set: accurate; mobile in the pocket, but not necessarily "running" QB's; good-but-not-great arm strength.


Oh, and moxie.


Tate himself pretty much admitted during the Gator Bowl practices that he wasn't a great fit for RR's offense.  But it seems like he'd be much more comfortable running one notable iteration of the Borges offense.


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Too bad for Tate by the time he comes back Robinson will probably be a senior and Devin willhave a choke hold on the backup and in line to start the following year. If Tate does come back he'll play the same role Jason did...standing on the sidelines with a headset on and a clipboard in his hand.