Al Borges is a talented individual...

Submitted by Wettin 3's on November 24th, 2012 at 4:07 PM

This boy is honestly trash...we did not get a single 3rd and short all game, because he is so incompetent with regards to the playbook. Fire him, get a new offensive coordinator and we will be much better. I don't care what people say "ohhhh we don't have a quarterback who can run the west-coast offense...blah blah blah". Just follow what Rich Rod did with mobile QB's and do the same thing. If it wasn't for our defense today, we honestly should have lost by 20. I am thoroughly disappointed with our play calling, and if it doesn't get fixed before bowl game time, we are going to get demolished by any SEC team. Everytime Denard has the ball, the other team KNOWS we are running it either with him or our RB, and obviously just needs to crash the box. If you don't play Devin and Denard together at the same time, it's not going to work. I am sorry for being harsh, but in the first half Devin was playing well, and wish we just stuck with him for the rest of the game. Sorry seniors, your boy Al Borges straight up gave the game away for you. Al has till Jan 1st to fix his play calling, when we play in Capital One bowl.



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The execution and talent exciuse is pure unadulterated bullshit. Sorry. You GTFO with that. Yes our line is weaker compartively-- that is PRECISELY why coaching strategy is paramount, so we can overcome that to the extent we are able, with play calls. Is the fact that our line was not as good as theirs the reason why Denard and Devin were NEVER on the filed togehter, forcing Ohio to account for Denard on every play? GTFO period.


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You are so awesome for waiting 20 minutes and creating a new thread that has the same subject matter as all the others. Please delete this garbage.


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Exactly. I'm pretty satisfied with this season. Decent records with all of our losses coming against great teams. Broke the losing streaks against MSU and Iowa. Still playing with a rag-tag patchwork roster, and really made out pretty well with how bad our offensive line was this year. Should lead to a really fun bowl match-up, and hopefully will be able to start rolling out the first wave of deep talent next year.


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We had quite a few third and shorts. The problem was we ran up the gut with a speed running back instead of a power back. If we had run big Hbacks and Rawls up the gut we might have gotten some push, or run play action and tossed to Smith as our checkdown we could've gotten more than zero yards, but we took the worst of all worlds, even taking Gardner off the field so the run was all but guaranteed, and then did it repeatedly to no effect.


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i love michigan more than you and you ruined my dreams you bad awful coach why does hoke love you i don't you make me whine and cry the players weren't recruited for that poopy head al!!1


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Everyone wants to be heard on this mgoboard so they make a post. If you want to be heard, tweet it. If you have friends and your opinion matters, your tweet will be heard. If not, just go away.


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I can't believe the statements from some of the MGoBlog users.  I feel like if it were up to you guys Al Borges would get a raise after this game. 


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It's obvious to the usual posters/lurked that the majority of today's posts are coming from the Walmarters. Grammar and sentence structure totally give it away. As harsh and as "sky is falling" as the comments are, they are still comical to read. Ban hammer coming hard, methinks.

Jehu the Damaja

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The play calling in the second half seemed much different than the first half. He kept trying to pound it up the middle on 3rd and shorts and got denied numerous times. It was real frustrating to already know we weren't going to convert when 3rd and 1 kept coming up.


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I think by now it's pretty easy to see where his strengths and weaknesses lie. He draws up great plays - whether it's getting Denard in a position to break a big one from a loaded backfield, or getting multiple WRs open deep. But he just has absolutely no clue how to call an actual game. Our offense is incapable of operating as a cohesive unit. Borges seems equally incapable of making adjustments, or realizing when something just simply wont work. This isn't an "unpredictable" offense, it's an incohesive one. Borges shows some great plays every once in a while, and when our opponent is simply overmatched he can just pick one at random and have it work, but when we go up against defenses that have a plan our weaknesses are obvious. 


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Our strength was not downhill run blocking inside the tackles, we have known this for how long this year? Our strength actually was isolating skill players in space, also the only thing that seemed to work with consistancy. Now if I am a coach, and I keep grabbing for the thing we ain't great at, no matter how much I wish we were great at it, or think we should be great at it, at what point am I called out for being either stubborn, arrogant or stupid?  And how long does this go on before Hoke addresses it? Name a single big game against a ranked team where the other team's D-coordinator did not make Borges his personal bitch?  Hoke needs to figure this out.   Why can't they just forgive Gary Moeller....for God's sake?