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Meyer sitting in his office in whitey tighty briefs eating a stack of turkey sandwichs. Cant stop pumping his fist in the full body mirror next to his B1G conference championship trophy case. LMAO... I drank too much coffee this morning.

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I think anytime you see stuff like this late in the game - especially with Harbaugh - there's a feeling of "Where there's smoke, there's fire." I'm not saying I'm certain that Samuels will depart from the class, but I do somewhat expect it at this point, just based on the way past recruitments have gone.

As for the coaches, I think they're confident in Harris. But I don't think there's been any sort of verbal commitment or silent commitment or anything. I think Michigan is still very much in the running for some running backs in this class, whether it's Samuels, Harris, Taylor, or someone else.


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I don't know what the consensus number is at linebacker. We have Ross and Mason (possible FB) on the inside and seem in good position to land at least 2 of Anthony, Singleton, and Gay. Are there any other names out there at LB? If there's room late, maybe it's a spot that Harbaugh takes a flier on an under-the-radar type. 


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which of these threads will be deleted first? I'm always with the first come, first serve argument. Meaning that this thread will live on whilst the other is destroyed. 

Best of luck to him, can't argue against the appeal of starting right away. There was blog chatter about him having to switch positions and play LB if he still wanted to come to Michigan. I can't find fault in the kid for that, follow your heart young man.


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His statement via



“I believe that coach Harbaugh and the University of Michigan have something very special being put together. Especially with the incoming 2017 class, assistant coaches, and the Michigan fan base which is in my opinion second to none. I’m humbled by the support that the coaches and fans have given me since my commitment last March. I love the University of Michigan and everything that the school stands for from academics to athletics. However, this is a selfish decision and after meeting with my family I feel like my attendance at Boston College for the continuation of my athletic and academic career is the best place for me. To the coaches, players, and especially class of 2017 who I’ve grown close to I wish nothing best. I’ll be watching when you win the next few national championships. I have nothing bad to say about the University of Michigan, Go Blue.

Being from Connecticut going to a private boarding school in Massachusetts there was a bit of unease. But Lawrence Academy, Boston, and the rest of Massachusetts have always welcomed me with open arms and have supported me more than just off the field. I look forward to representing the city of Boston, state of Massachusetts, my family and everyone in New London, CT. I believe the Boston College program is on the rise and I feel like there is something to be said about being from here, and being part this movement. I’ve developed great relationships with the coaches and players at Boston College and am excited to be a part of the Eagles family and uphold that BC tradition. #DecideToFly
I’m aware there are a lot of people that aren’t going to agree or understand my decision, but I just ask that you respect that I believe is best for me and my family.”
*Also I will not be doing any interviews for awhile, Thank you*



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Classy statement that should be commneded during these days where kids just say "peace" and jump from commitment to commitment without so much as a second though. This kid did it the right way. Good luck, young man. Hope he succeeds in Football and in life. His dimeanor gives him a head start.


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I don't think going to a local program where he wouldn't have to sit a year or two and possibly change positions is a selfish decision.

Nonetheless, class act right there and best of luck to him.

And he far and away becomes BC's top recruit. Go shine, man.