Air Force does NOT suck (Temptation Chant)

Submitted by MGoBender on July 23rd, 2012 at 8:06 PM

Movement starting on Facebook to eradicate the "You Suck" chant for Air Force game (hopefully it sticks...)

I'm all for the "Go Blue" replacement of "You Suck."  I tired of You Suck sophomore year and would love to see it leave.  Maybe the dumbest thing the Michigan fan base does is to chant "You Suck" when we're down several scores...




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Ex Marine here, and I don't think they'll really be butthurt about the chant during a football game.  It's not like we're giving a serious critique with that chant.  I agree that the chant itself is stupid, but this just seems kind of silly.


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Nah, it's nothing shady.  I was honorably discharged as a sergeant last year.  I appreciate the values I gained through serving, and how the leadership has helped me in my career, but  I've had a serious ideological shift regarding my thoughts on war since I turned 18 and enlisted.  I don't want to get into politics, so lets just say that I'm very happy about my current status as non-deployable thanks to the ending of my contract.

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I definitely support saying "Go Blue!"  Then we might get the whole stadium to chant it instead of just the students.  Having 100,000 people chant "Go Blue!" would be more intimidating, I would think, than having 20,000 people in one corner of the stadium chanting "You suck!"  

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I made a thread about this not too long ago. I totally agree though. Let's maybe even applaud the air force team as they run onto the field. They're playing for the love of the game, not for future NFL dreams.


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I agree. I'm all for supporting the military, but should we change a chant just for them? Do we think MSU can handle a chant but our military members can't? If I were a player for one of the academies, I'd be offended by that.

They're still college football players trying to win a football game. Our players aren't going to go easy on them, why should the fan?


July 24th, 2012 at 8:11 AM ^

As a former USAFA Cadet I have to say that it garnered a lot of respect when a non-traditional team applauded the Falcons as they came on the field. Now games against CSU for example, that's a completely different story but I do remember when Oklahoma came to Colorado Springs and their fans applauded as our players came on the field it really made me feel like they "got it" in that these guys aren't only playing for the love of the game they (with extremely rare exception) are soon going to be defending our country...


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dumbest chant our students do.  My favorite is when they do a "YOU SUCK!" on third down, then the team goes for it on 4th and short and converts


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I laughed at the bacon posts actually, maybe because it sounds like something I'd say.

"it's my favorite when the other team goes for it on 4th down and gets it."

"why would that be your favorite?"

Both were sarcastic, but the first one was sarcastic in a complaining sort of way, and the second one was sarcastic in a poking fun at you sort of way. I just prefer the latter.


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During the chant last year I chanted Hulk smash instead. You could probably change that to Hoke Smash if you want. Que cool story bro comments


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They are playing football. They're tough military people. They can handle "you suck" from the student section. This is stupid and pointless and pathetic


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Agreed! And the "you suck" chant was in full swing during my four years, so I enjoy it. Regarding AF specifically, they're football players, just because they're doing a great honor to our country doesn't mean we can't treat them with the faux-hate we treat to the rest of our opponents. You can call it classless if you want, but unless you have a problem with the hockey chants too, I'm calling shenanigans. (And if you have a problem with those too... well you'll probably want me off your lawn now.)


July 24th, 2012 at 11:19 PM ^

Their hearts are in the right place, but this is actually a little bit insulting.  As if AF is not a "real" team.

They want to beat us, we want to beat them.  Go at it.  Shake hands afterward.

Saying "you suck" is lame, but not because it will hurt AF's feelings.  It's lame for the Ohio State game too.



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Meh. People get a little carried away sometimes in order to try and "proove" their patriotism. Such a chant would not imply that THE Air Force sucks. It wouldn't even imply that the Air Force Academy sucks. It just means that for purposes of this particular football game, the guys on the other side of the field are our opponents, and when you come into the Big House as our opponents, well, you suck. Plain and simple.

My two cents: this is pretty stupid.


July 23rd, 2012 at 8:52 PM ^

They are playing against another group of 85 super talented athletes.  They are way better at football than anybody sitting in our student section and I'd like their chances in just about any other form of competition/combat you could name.

If the players on the field want to talk shit to the guys they are actually competing against that is one thing.  For people in the stands wearing a jersey without pads/helmet to do it is kind of ridiculous, no matter how patriotic the opposing school.  The fact that Taylor Lewan is a badass doesn't make you or I one, and we should all probably act accordingly.


July 23rd, 2012 at 9:13 PM ^ why bother cheering at games at all? They're not our opponents out there, we don't have a tie to the team other than being fans and/or students/alumni, so we should just sit there and watch against any opponent passively. Sounds fun. I'm not a fan of the chant, but I don't think anyone considers themselves a badass when they do it. Just a fan.


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I don't particularly like the You Suck chant but it's ridiculous to campaign to not do it against a service academy. If there's anything this country is founded on -- and our troops are obstensibly fighting for -- its the ideal that all people should be treated the same, even our troops. The idea we should be nicer to our opponent just because they're the Air Force is a wholly un-American thought.

Feat of Clay

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I get what you are saying.  But you and I both know that reality is different.  There are numerous examples where people (& politicans, but we can't go there!) urge that military & vets be treated differently, and the American public feel good about complying with that.  Whether it's being applauded in the airport or given discounts at businesses or being featured in ads to boast how many vets Walt Disney has hired--treating the military as exceptional is a well-loved theme.   I think there some weird thing about not repeating the experience of those who fought in Vietnam BUT AGAIN I CAN'T GO THERE.