After watching Championship weekend, does Don Brown need to play more cover 2 and cover 3

Submitted by Diagonal Blue on December 2nd, 2018 at 1:16 PM

I think playing so much cover 1 allows offenses to make easy checks at the LOS and for the QB to predetermine where to go to the football before the snap. I think after watching some of the games yesterday Don Brown needs to play more two high safeties. This will allow guys like Daxton Hill to be a ballhawking safety while also forcing opposing QB to have to make reads in real time. Thoughts?



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After watching our game against OSU not sure why he didn’t go to more zone. Man press coverage was killing us and we had no pressure. Not sure why he was so stubborn but hopefully giving up 62 points will wake him up 


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We played zone at various points this year.  I don't think the issue was lack of familiarity.  Busted coverages just happen sometimes - we had one against SMU when we were in man.

The real killer was our inability to get any pressure on a QB who threw something like 50 TD passes this year. 


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Don Brown was spoiled by Maurice Hurst and company for two straight years and this year with Aubrey Solomon not being remotely healthy at all it was a whole different world for Don Brown. That up the middle pressure was gone and his defense got exposed to a point.


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That’s cause it’s not lack of pressure that killed our defense. It’s running strictly man coverage against quick passing teams. If Don Brown’s coaching MO was to practice both man AND zone ALL YEAR and then actually gameplan for the opponent, we wouldn’t have these sorts of problems.


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this year with Aubrey Solomon not being remotely healthy at all it was a whole different world for Don Brown. 

In week 12, yes.  Through week 11 we were the top-rated defense in the country.  That was a big part of the problem.  Things were going well until they weren't.


December 3rd, 2018 at 9:38 AM ^

I actually think this was a big part of the pressure problems.  I think as a whole, this was a normal top 15/20ish defense outside of Devin Bush.  Having a sideline to sideline eraser at middle linebacker covers up a lot of potential problems (like middling DTs).  I don't think we got one stop once he went down.  


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The coverage scheme provides the pressure.

3 of Northwestern's 4 sacks of Haskins were coverage sacks.  Their zone took away his first read, and as we all know he's not as good when he has to actually make reads under duress.

Those coverage sacks were a bit slow to develop, but it did not matter.  Haskins could not just dump the ball off quickly like he kept doing against our man coverage.


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He needs to at least switch it up and if facing a team with athletes all over the field he should feature it. Hard to stick man to man on great athletes especially when they’re running pick/crossing routes. 

Ghost of Fritz…

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Yes.  Yes he does. 

Michigan can stay mostly press man one high safety.

But M has to be multiple on D. 

JH needs to build his offense and defense with one thing in mind--beating OSU. 

And on D what Brown runs is not good against the Day/Wilson/Meyer passing spread. 

So gotta be able to mix up coverages and run zone/zone blitz stuff.  And that means running zone/zone blitz packages about 30% of the time all season long. 


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Cover one is fine to  play a lot of. where Ohio State killed Michigan is Haskins could take two steps up in the pocket and the defensive tackles are getting stoned. 2 years ago Glasgow,  Hurst and Company got there last year hurst got there.  this year Kemp and company didn't budge anybody.


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Well he needs to figure it out STAT!!!!!!!   What good is the nations best defense (so called) if you cant stop Ohio St..EVER??   Im getting old people and Im wondering if I will ever see another win in my lifetime over Ohio St...I remember a time when wins came plentiful over OSU....and at worst wed lose one or two in a row but never much more than that....In football ever since Bo died right before the big #1 vs #2 game its like weve been haunted..


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I suggest finding something else to bring you the joy you desire in your golden years. If by chance you are looking for UM football to provide that joy, well I'm sorry my friend. Do it now before depression sets in because our beloved Michigan isn't changing a thing. Or just sit and watch the college football world pass us old folk by.


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Don Brown is a dinosaur.  Don Brown doesnt coach zone, doesnt want to coach zone, and wouldnt know how to coach zone even if Harbaugh asked him.  Its time for Brown to move on.  Michigan needs modern coaches, not dinosaurs.  UM lost to Ohio State for all kinds of reasons.  Don Brown was the #1 reason UM lost to Ohio State.