After this game, is Brandon Peters still the favorite to start next season?

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This post is not about the coaching in today's game.  I want to solely focus on Brandon Peters and whether or not he is still considered the favorite to start against Notre Dame next season.

Before today I was firmly in the "Peters will win the job" camp.  I liked how he played in his limited time this season and watched enough Shea Patterson highlights to know that his game relied on improv and a bit of luck.  However after watching the game today, I'm immediately changing my stance.  Peters was very innacurate today.  He made some good throws here and there, but many of his passes were either a little off or completely off.  He also looked very unsure of himself at times, very indecisive.  You cannot be a good quarterback at this level with that kind of innaccuracy and indecision.  Also, and this is just how it appears to me, he seems a little too soft...  I mean he left the game for one play because someone poked him in the eye... really.  I have a hard time believing that he needed to come off the field.  He also doesn't seem to shake off hits very well, laying on the ground for extended periods of time, which leads me to believe that he gets rattled easily and may have played into his indecision today.

Shea was largely an improvisational QB at Ole Miss but, considering the quality of Michigan's offensive line, that might be exactly what this team needs.  I'm watching the UCF/Auburn game right now and Auburn is getting a ton of pressure on McKenzie Milton but they can't get to him because of his ability to avoid the rush and throw on the run (with some weird Matthew Stafford esque arm angles).  Shea has a similar ability to make plays when the play breaks down.  It's one of the reasons why he was considered a five star QB coming out of high school.

It's a long off season and anything can happen, but as of right now my money is on Shea Patterson winning the starting QB job over Brandon Peters.  

EDIT:  I thought that if I posed my question in a thought provoking way with some evidence to back up my opinion I might get some equally interesting comments.  I can see I was wrong.  All I've created here is more bile.  I was foolish and I apologize for contributing to the poison infecting the board.  It appears that even though this site is dedicated to a university as intelligent and respected as Michigan, this is still the internet.



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When he slid with 1:30 left on the clock and two yards from the first down. A first down we needed to stop the clock. I’ve seen John Okorn and Speight both make the extra effort to get the first down in points in the game that weren’t as crucial. I think that play was the play of his that frustrated me the most. It told me he wasn’t ready to lead the team to a win.


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Peters hasn’t played a good game ALL YEAR. Needed 44 attempts today to finally break 150 yards for the FIRST TIME THIS SEASON. Harbaugh knew all along he was not good. That’s why he was never throwing that much per game until today.


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who do they get rid of? is it pep, drevno, jay, or some combo of those guys. they let jedd get away, they let wheatley get away, seems like frey is going to leave. to me seems like a time to clean house on the offensive side of the ball and get some people in there who can run an offense that is something that isnt what we have going right now


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Who knows. Although all of us worried about Brandon's "feelings" about Paterson coming in are surely quiet today. Don't give a fucking shit anymore. Fucking win games. Don't care how.


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The guy hasnt done anything since he was at michigan in 99.
If you wanted to give a good coordinator as a suggestion that would actually make you useful. But you have stuck to your MO once again.
Thank you for wasting all of our time!
Do you want debord next? Maybe english should replace brown bc we gave up 26 today?


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No, it should be an open competition. If Shea is cleared I’d say he’s the favorite. It’s depends on how quickly he can grasp the playbook though.

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My biggest question is why the QB play this season was so poor among 3 different players of different levels of experience?  Speight has been here 4 years and O'Korn is a fifth year guy.  Peters was a high 4* HS QB.  Yet, none of the 3 looked very good.  It begs the question how good the coaching was including playcalling.  Yes, at times the pass pro was suspect and the receivers route running has been called into question.  But, today Peters had plenty of time on a lot of plays and still missed open receivers.  I'm completely baffled on this question.  


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this is something i have wondered as well. the thing is that they all played behind the same o-line. the line has been absolutely awful and it is something that has just baffled me as a fan. i know playing offensive line is something that can be tough but it shouldnt be that bad especially with guys that have played so many games. it seemed like they never got better even as the year went on.