After 24 hours of "digesting"

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I decided to try and let this settle a bit before bringing this up. But I think we all pretty much felt the same way when we woke up yesterday. A pounding headache (from the excessive liquids) and a lot of "why??" I know this game was "great for the program" blah blah blah, but I just don't see how.

What I have seen is, our best corner is done for the year, who knows how bad Lewan's injury is, a QB that probably wont be able to practice this week because most of his time will be in the ice tub, and I'm sure theres plenty more. Numerous tweets from recruits and targets, although most are positive there was one that tweeted "Roll Tide"

I don't know that there is a team in the nation that can beat Bama, but when you give a team like Bama that much time.......things will get real ugly, as we saw. But the thing that I am just having a tough time with is WTF was Brandon thinking? How is having your coach in his 2nd year (pretty much rebuilding still) put a team on the field and get flat out waxed, how is that helping the program? I could go on and on about Brandons decisions, but the bottom line is, we had this game in Jerry world because I think Brandon idolizes Jerry, and thats what he wants the "Michigan brand" to be like.

Michigan would be better off without Brandon, I dont care what anybody says. The guy see's dollar signs and does not care about winning, tradition or anything tha Michigan is.



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I think the OP's comments about Brandon are a bit over-the-top, but Brandon did schedule the game.  The game was first disclosed to the public in a paywalled Scout article on or about August 5, 2010, which was discussed in this thread:

Brandon, who was appointed on January 5, 2010, had been AD for seven months by that time.


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When we scheduled Bama, Rich Rod was still the coach.  We were expecting year five, and a national power.  All this hand wringing directed towards Brandon is getting really really old.  For years, people on this site bitched about playing nobodies in the nonconference games, and now people are crying about it because we lost.


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Amen, to be the best you have to play the best.  I am not happy we were dessimated on the field.  However, I have been an advocate to play a tougher schedule for years.  I am tired of the MAC schools and low level Mid Major's.  It is time we schedule games like this year in and year out.  No offense to ND, but they lost their National prominence when Douche Bag Holtz retired.  I still love the rivalry, but thye do not give us the strenghth of schedule that a Bama, LSU or anyother SEC team will give us.  I am a winner and a competitor through and through, we all hate to lose, but I will take a lose like this, learn from it and move on.  We now know where we are deficient and can make the necessary corrections to improve as a team and program.


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I thought scheduling Alabama was stupid then, and I haven't seen anything to change my mind.  The "formula" for making it to the title game or playoff is to play three tomato cans and one semi-serious game.  Michigan plays Notre Dame, which is a rivalry game, for its "serious" game.  

Until the Big Ten Champion is automatically allowed into a playoff to determine a national champion, scheduling games like Alabama is playoff suicide.  I was against it when it was scheduled, and I am against ever doing something so monumentally stupid again.

This game was David Brandon throwing his weight around, and his ego has just cost Michigan any chance of being taken seriously in the polls for the rest of the season.  It has also provided a blueprint for opposing defenses.  

If people start blaming Brady Hoke, then I'll be pissed.  But holding David Brandon, as he likes to say, "accountable" for his actions is not only valid, its mandatory.


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My thoughts exactly, never blamed Brady at all or the players.

And Dave Brandon scheduled this game in RR's 3rd year, which if he had an ounce of confidence in the fact that RR would be coach in 2012, then MAYBE I could see some logic, but I believe DB knew RR was out at that time, or atleast there was some doubt


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You're right. This game was so bad, that everyone is the polls is going to remember it. Even if we go 13-1, everyone will be like "Well look at that 1 loss, Michigan is not a Top-25 team".

Just like last year with Oregon. They got beat by a strong LSU team, then completely fell out of the polls right?


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The forumla?  Serious games?

In 2009 Alabama played VT to start the year, in 2010 Auburn played Clemson out of conference, in 2011 Alabama played Penn State (and #2 LSU played Oregon).  Its way too early but if Bama ends up winning the MNC again this year they scheduled us.  Those are probably a bit more prestigeous than "semi-serious games".

Whether or not anyone wants to admit it Saturday's game was a huge showcase for UM football.  We may have shit the bed in this instance, but don't act like we need to shy away from tough competetion.  I agree that playing Alabama in a home and home would have been so much more attractive, but you don't just pass these oppurtunities up.  You have to beat great teams if you want to win the ultimate prize.  


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I thought this was scheduled before Brandon....can we get confirmation so that people can stop posting the same crap and throwing blame on Brandon who has done a helluva job? Tis was supposed to be that one guys 5th year as coach...the transition was supposed to be over and we should have been ready. Low and behold that one coach failed miserably and we had little to no depth, this was not Brandon's fault...this is Michigan...why shouldn't we schedule the best?


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of MICHIGAN FOOTBALL as a kid, we played Colorado, Florida State, Miami in FLORIDA not southern ohio, Boston College, UCLA, Oregon, and on and on...and in 1997 we won a national championship. We actually and sadly lost to a number of the teams mentioned on that list but we built a better football program. During the Carr era, we squared off against a pile of creampuffs and STILL lost to the likes of Appalachian State and Toledo. You want to be the best, you need to measure yourself against the best. Injury happens, doesn't matter if it is bama or Iowa. Game on, step up, wipe the blood from your nose and get some.


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( though someone will nit you on Toledo, Rich lost to them, while misusing or having run off Lloyd's guys ... /s ).

The cream puffs started when we went to more games in the money grub. As I recall Carr didn't want to add a 12th game (added risk of injury to his players, etc.) Add to that the ability to schedule cream puffs at home only, and the $$$ start rolling. And then Notre Dame became a cream puff for a while there too.

In the 80's we always had two major conference (or ND) non conference games and then the B1G slate. In '84 we beat Miami (YTM) before Jim harbaugh was injured and we went 6-6. We always had a Pac-10, ACC, SEC, or Big East (when Miami and BC were there) opponent at home, and one away, and ND would come on and off our schedule.

Somewhere in there, ND became a fixture, and the other games became the bottom of the other conferences, and then the MAC, and all the way "down" to App State and the UMass's of the world.

The stupid thing is, this was done for more money. I can understand a MAC school for a pre-season warm up, and maybe one other, but who wouldn't pay more for their season tickets if we had two semi-marquis or better match-ups in our non-conference schedule? You can't tell me it is not possible to set up alternate home and home schedules (ND home one year, while the other opponent is away, and visa-verse), and make up for the lost cupcake revenue of one game every other year through an increase in ticket cost for games that people actually want to see.

Anyway, back then, when going undefeated was the only path the the AP or Coaches Poll National Championship, losses in those pre-season games, especially the first one out of the box were devastating, and Notre Dame was a particular thorn in our side.

Anyway, yeah, step it up men!

[Link to former schedules FWIW.]


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Better off without Brandon?  I guess you didn't attend UTL?  How about the Big Chill or those high def scoreboards, etc. etc.  Is Brandon perfect?  Hell no, but I for one applaud what he is trying to do and so far, he seems to be doing it very well. 

The problem Saturday night wasn't Brandon, it was the harsh reality that was brought home that Michigan, as a program, still has a long way to go.  Give this program a few more years and I suspect you will find a very different talent level.


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Brandon has been absolutely awesome. Period.  People bitch and bitch about how he loves his money, but I don't hear any complaints about the new NCAA sport, or any of the upgrades to any facilities.  These things cost money.  We can't have all the nice things if we don't raise the $ to go with them.


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Why is there so much complaining on this board?  Alabama beat us and we will be better.  Injuries happen, so let us stop crying over every bad thing that happen on Saturday.  Coach Hoke did not make any excuses and neither should we. 


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M knows what it will take to compete for a NC, and how much work needs to be put in. Games like that turns boys into men. I think everyone will be supremely impressed with how this team rebounds from this.


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It was a loss!! One loss!! Our program isn't going to be removed from the big 10, the stadium isn't being closed and guess what..... The sun still came up today over the Eastern sky.

Negativity of the fan base is mind blowing. Have faith the coaches will coach 'em up this week, they come out prepared and beat Air Force!

Go Blue!!!

Naked Bootlegger

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After 24 hours of digesting, didn't we have the obligtary "Y U DO THIS TO US DAVE BRANDON" thread yesterday?  

If Dave Brandon "caring about winning" is code wording for being allergic to scheduling premiere non-conf games in the coming years, then I completely disagree.   Gimme a 'Bama-type game every few years, and I'm a happy man.  (Granted, the ND game used to be the automatic premiere game in the late '80's-early 90's, but I won't count it as such until both our squads regain national relevance. )

I think Brian needs to post MOAR KITTENS today to keep everyone from jumping off the cliff.


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About 2/3 of the denizens of this blog jump off a cliff since this game.
'Waahhhhhhh, we played maybe the best team in the country and got curb stomped when we have little little talent and no high quality backups due to spotty recruiting and epic attrition.'
'Waaaahhhhhh, Dave Brandon is an asshole who hates the university and the football program because he planned for us to get curb stomped.'

There are a ton of people around here who are butthurt for no good reason. They need to man up and think logically about the state of the program and what db has done for the athletic department.

Raback Omaba

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We lost to a Good team, possibly the best in the country.....


Get over it. We will win some games, and we will lose some games. Brady Hoke will get this program where we will compete with Alabama.


Right now, they are way ahead of us.


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It took you 24 hours to come up with this shit?  A bunch of drunk fuks came up with the same nonsense 30 seconds after the game had ended.  What took so long?


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The problem for me is that we gave them that much time on the biggest stage in college football in the opening game of the year.

It's absolutely true that Bama will beat other teams worse--they did all last year, and to most of the SEC. But we sure placed a bullseye on our backs for cheap shots. Coming up a national laughing stock on a regular basis is an iffy proposition to regain the old perch atop the national scene. 

When damn-fool MSU players who got beat by a bigger margin by the same team a year and a half ago are twittering about how your QB sucks, well. . . I just hope that Brady Hoke is printing big banners with some of those quotes on his Commodore 64 right now to put up all over Schembechler. 

EDIT: If Brandon scheduled this one when RR was coach that does change things for me, though. 

EDIT: confirmed scheduled in 2010 from this source, interesting piece that discusses oversigning, too:


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is readjusting expectations for the rest of the season, and perhaps beyond.  Like it or not, that game erased any national respect Michigan had regained after last season.  I guess it is time change focus back to regional competition, and the idea that the Big Ten is our world for right now, and that venturing into other seas in terms of forming my personal definition of what this team is right now is not a good idea.  Winning the Sugar Bowl was a lot of fun, but in reality we never were a BCS team and we did not beat a BCS caliber team in the Sugar Bowl.  The Bama game hype and our preseason ranking reinfoced a myth about us that I really knew not to believe to begin with.  It is time, for me at least, to begin to get back in touch with reality in terms of what this team is and what I should define success as in my head.


September 3rd, 2012 at 10:22 AM ^

National respect wins games?
I would have thought recruiting, development, and coaching wins games. You don't think a 3-9 season or an even worse curb stomping in a bowl game to a mediocre team damaged national cachet?
The only thing that matters on a yearly basis is being good teams. Most of us knew Michigan's team has less overall talent and less depth than last year (not including true freshmen) than last year.

This crying and whining is already overdone.

Move on.

Grow up.

Look at reality. This was never going to be an elite team this year. It won't be for at least 3 years. Deal with it.