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Submitted by ChilhowieBlue on March 8th, 2010 at 4:12 PM

Hey guys. I dont post here very often but read daily and I was wondering if any of you old vets have any advice for the spring game. I am travelling from Virginia and I would like to know of any "must see" things or any "must do" things while I am there. I usually go to one game per year but I have never been to the spring game. Just wondering what to expect, how early to arrive, etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and Go Blue!



March 8th, 2010 at 4:25 PM ^

I've only been to one (last year) Its fun, and the fact that you can sit anywhere is awesome. Expect parking to be a problem. Pioneer HS fills up fast, and the golf course isn't open.

I'd get to the stadium at least an hour before the game. Last year they had some ex-players play a flag football game before the Spring Game.

The one thing I took from last year's game was after one quarter of the game I could tell that Tate Forcier was light years ahead of Sheridan or Threet from the previous year.


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3)sit in the sun
4)do not immediately post anything about how you were at the spring game and saw some guy who you don't think is getting enough attention but is going to be the real deal in the fall. i hate this type of post already and it hasn't happened yet.


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Get there as early as you like. There will be some crazies there at 8 am for sure to tailgate.

Pioneer never really fills up but it is torn up right now and I do not know what the parking situation will be in April. Arrive early if you want to park on the East side of the stadium. Last year it was free but they closed it down by 10 am b/c it filled up.

Hopefully this year will be bigger than last, so seating will be more of an issue but I would not worry about not having a seat. The sidelines will fill up fast, endzones are pretty wide open.

The rest is just Ann Arbor which is all great. Great restaurants downtown, Michigan apparel on State St., Dominics for sangria and outdoor drinking, etc.

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Just remember it isn't a good thing if Mike Martin crushes the QB until September. Cheering for that would be a faux pas at the Spring Game.

Otherwise, don't post a new thread about how the stadium looks, how the defense looks, or anything else. There will be many, many of those to sift through.

Oh, and have fun. It's the only guaranteed win all year.


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Are you interested in suggestions for things to do before or after the game? Places to eat, things to see on campus. If so there have been a number of posts in the past that cover those topics and are worth searching for. Unfortunately I can't go to the spring game but my itinerary would include the following; eat breakfast at Angelos, park close to campus and visit three buildings (Michigan League, Michigan Union, Law School reading room). Walk from campus to the stadium to get a feel for what it is like to be a student. Stop at the Blue Front (corner of State and Packard to pick up beverages for pre-game). After the game go to Zingerman's (some say it isn't worth it but I live in Virginia as well and it is better than any deli in this area). Have a great time.


March 9th, 2010 at 1:25 PM ^

Thanks to everyone who responded. I too hate the dreaded (insert name here) tore up the spring game threads, so no worries there. I will definately try to stop by the MGoTailgate if I dont do anything else. Really excited to get up there and check out how the stadium looks. I was at the PSU game last year so I saw some of the renovations and am really excited to see the progress that has been made. Thanks again to all the posters who responded (kindly) as your advice is greatly appreciated. Go Blue!


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Go both ways, bring wet and cool weather stuff, and sunscreen and tees.

Last year a lot of folks started drinking at 8 and were fried beet red by 3 without sunscreen.

Also, beer, grill, snacks, water bottles. I ended up parking on Pauline for free because we only brought a 12er and some snacks (plus clothes and sunscreen). We walked about a mile. This time we are bringing a full tailgate meal deal.

The students are only running half party throttle, so after the game is a good time to hit up the campus spots.