Advice needed: Watching The Game overseas

Submitted by TreyBurkeHeroMode on November 15th, 2018 at 11:26 AM

Found out I'm going to be out of the country -- in Ireland, specifically -- during The Game. I haven't had to familiarize myself with international streaming/broadcast before, as when I was living overseas in the early 1990s such things really didn't exist. Any advice or suggestions on how best to watch the game that don't involve finding a public place with satellite TV?

I see from their FAQ that Fox Sports Go offers "limited FOX Sports programming" overseas. Anyone know firsthand if that includes CFB?

Thanks in advance for info and/or suggestions.



November 15th, 2018 at 11:35 AM ^

I was in Ireland in 2015 around Christmas time, and wanted to watch our epic beatdown of Florida.


Luckily, the bartender of the hotel I was staying in was happy enough to turn it on downstairs.  Guinness and Rudock.  


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I posted in the stickied thread last week but haven't gotten a response, so I'll post again until this gets taken down:

Anyone know of a good bar to watch The Game in either Tijuana or Ensenada? I'm going to be there for Thanksgiving, and don't know if I'll try to fight border traffic on Friday night or just stay through the weekend.


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Where in Ireland are you going to be? I live in city centre Dublin and I can tell you that you will probably not find The Game on at any pub or restaurant. You could try calling a few places like The Woolshed or The Living Room, but the reason being is that right now is when Ireland is playing their rugby test matches. Also the pubs here will sometimes play NFL games but very very rarely NCAA. You can check out the rugby match that day as the USA team is actually in town playing Ireland. Other than that you can come to my house and watch or use a VPN and stream it. 



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Assuming you have decent internet and an adblocker on your computer, this is the most reliable option I've found for streams if you don't have access to WatchESPN/FoxSportsGo/etc.


Also works if you want to watch NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL games - just sub "cfb" for "NFL" or whatever else you're trying to watch. Typically steam links are posted 20 or 30 minutes before the game starts.




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Good luck with your travel. I made the unfortunate mistake of scheduling a family trip to Vietnam over the Christmas and new years holidays.  This  now ensures that we win the national championship because I won't be able to watch a second of it live.  


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I had to do this for the Notre Dame game this year(Sept 1st), only I was in Venice Italy. I used my iPad, ExPressVPN & NBCSports app togo. It worked great & you’ll have to use a vpn to mask your location with an American IP address.  I realize this is a fox production so you’ll just have to use their app. Go luck & GoBlue