Adolphus Washington finalists

Submitted by rman247 on May 22nd, 2011 at 2:41 PM

At the Nike event this weekend, Washington reportedly told the five schools he would use his officials on.  BAsed off the five schools listed now "high interest" on scout those would be OSU, Miami, Alabama, Mich, and ....Kentucky?  Surprise with that one.  It must be the fact he lives in Cincinnati.  Glad to see we made it.  He is a complete freak.  Will be tough to beat out OSU though.


Edit:  Apparently we have also made the top 6 for Se'Von Pittman


Mr Mackey

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I feel like our biggest help in his case is Stanford, but even he seems to really like OSU. It'd be great to get the two of them, but that could be tough


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Assuming OSU gets major sanctions in the upcoming future, I have to believe that one or more of these ohio DE's (Strobel, Wormley, Washington, Pittman) are going to want to come to Michigan. Its going to be very interesting how the coaching staff handles the situation if this comes about late in the recruting cycle. I guess that wouldn't be such a bad situation to have to deal with though.


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i said that washington, wormley, and strobel could commit if OSU gets major sanctions is that impossible? and i said i dont know if Dantonio could change ojemudia's mind by signing day because is was a MSU fan as a child but i hope he stays Blue. its not like i said he will decommit and those 3 will commit calm yourself


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Yea, I think it was friday sometime and it was hinted within 2 days that there would be more news. Either way there is more time today so I guess it's still possible. I was just curious to see  what all was involved in the new news. Possible repeat offender or the dreaded lack of institutional control would have to come into play right?


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what if osu does get major sanctions, and then wormley, washington, strobel,pittman, and odenigbo all decide to commit to um on the same day? we cant take them all, we arent in the sec, is there a pecking order for these guys? not just them, but what happens on any occasion when there are not enough spots and multiple guys all commit , trying to scoop up the last spot.


May 23rd, 2011 at 7:21 AM ^

I wonder what TSIO's recruiting stategy will be when the shit fully hits the fan.  I'm guessing it will be similar to USC's "we got screwed by the NCAA and it's us against the world" stance.  I can hear it now: "it's times like this when we find out who the REAL Buckeyes are."

I hope kids see through it, but TSIO seems to have a rather thick coating of Teflon.  From their basketball team's results, you wouldn't think they had ever been on probation.  It's like they just ignored their situation and went into the "cheating as usual" mode.  Maybe we will actually get to see TSIO suffer something close to the consequences they deserve for their actions.


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I wonder what TSIO's recruiting stategy will be when the shit fully hits the fan. I'm guessing it will be similar to USC's "we got screwed by the NCAA and it's us against the world" stance. I can hear it now: "it's times like this when we find out who the REAL Buckeyes are."

This is how Ohio culture has been since time immemorial.


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I think what will help us more than the sanctions, is that OSU will have to fire Tressel. When that day comes and it will, that should open the flood gates in Ohio. 

david from wyoming

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People that Meyer used to coach with have been saying that Urban got burned out because he was coaching in the cut-throat SEC. I don't think it's likely that he comes back to coach soon, but he is one of the best coaches of the last decade. Any school would be silly to not talk to him if they have an opening.


May 22nd, 2011 at 3:44 PM ^

When when Lloyd retired, and the freakin' RUTGERS coach turned us down, even though no one had won for a longer period than us. And Florida, as successful as anybody, had to poach an assistant for their program.
<br>It's not as easy as fans think, unless you're going after a Saban. Not too many of the big name coaches were all that "big name" before their current job. We'll see if Meyer really is done with coaching or not, though.


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Muschamp was coach in waiting at a Texas, has roots in the SEC both as a player, coach, and a recruiter, and would likely had a head gig already if texas had not made the promise of the future job, plus paid him the stick around money. It took a top job to get him out of Austin.

But your point is dead on. There aren't tons of proven guys at the highest level period.

Edit: Colin already said it.


May 22nd, 2011 at 4:46 PM ^

is that they have a stronger natural recruiting base (Ohio) than Michigan does.  They also don't have any real in-state competition (as we do with MSU). 

The other factor is that they've had more success over the last decade. 

If I'm an unaffiliated coach from, say, Alaska, the OSU job is objectively more attractive ... if you can stand living in columbus


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Who, Kirk Herbstreet? They will most certainly be hit with some sanctions but honestly it's not really hurting USC all that bad. Losing the guy who you have established a relationship with is hard to replace. Come August I would say they would promote from within an interim coach. Urban Meyer is not going to Columbus, so they can forget that pipe dream.


May 22nd, 2011 at 3:41 PM ^

While it is possible that OSU could land a "huge name" coach, that hasn't really been their M.O. in their post-Woody hires:

Earl Bruce -- Wasn't he just a guy on Woody's staff who was promoted? Not sure about him.(Edit: Bruce was the HC at Iowa State before taking over at OSU)

John Cooper -- Solid coach at Arizona St. but not a "big name". I think he got the job because he beat UM in the Rose Bowl while at ASU.

Jim Tressel -- Great FCS (fka I-AA) coach but he was like their 4th choice, many Buckeye fans were NOT pleased when St. Tress was hired.


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My best friend reads Bucknuts and the Ohio State Scout site religiously. He thinks that Alabama is Washington's likely destination if OSU can't get him.

Also FWIW, I think we're getting ahead of ourselves to talk about Tressel being fired. OSU will let him go as a last resort.

As for Kentucky, Cincinnati is UK territory as much as it is OSU territory (if not more), though most UK fans are basketball fans.


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Godin is recruiting well and it sounds like Richardson is hard on Wayne Morgan.  I hope we can persuade Washington to come here.  It will be tough to beat OSU