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I need some answers because this is starting to become downright frustrating. I've seen some similar threads and some insinuations, but if anybody has good info or best guess I would appreciate it, I have some questions that people seem to be beating around.

1. Do some of the people here believe that people in athletic dept or admissions has it in for RR so they are intentionally screwing things up so RR can't get some of the kids into Michigan?? That is what it seems people are suggesting. Which if this is happening I can't believe Martin hasn't squashed this.

2. In regards to Witty and some other kids in general qualifying. Isn't there a person in the dept. that babysits these kids and basically enrolls them in the classes they need and explains what grades they need to receive to qualify?? I know Witty, Turner and Witherspoon all had seperate issues, but it would seem to me that we would provide any kid not clearly on a path to qualify a step by step road map to getting and staying eligible.



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1. No. Nobody believes that. Some people in admissions DO have it in for kids with no academic credentials for attending UM, though, which does hurt football recruiting.

2. Yes and No. Because such things are not kosher with the NCAA sometimes, and sometimes it's too late when a kid realizes that football alone won't do it.


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1. I thought it was stupid, but with the Brandon comments on "factions" yesterday coupled with some vague comments on other posts I was beginning to wonder if I was missing something everyone already knew. I assumed the factions were just fans, alumni and boosters, which appears you are confirming.

2. I had heard Witty took the wrong math class so I was a little shocked. I assumed once a kid committed RR and co. would flood the kid with info he needed and we had some lady in a back room somewhere looking at the kids transcripts and figuring out what he needed to do to get eligible. With only 20 or so kids I would think they would be all over every I and T in the kids records. When they always thank the "suport staff" I thought that is what they did.


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I understand the frustration, and admissions/compliance certainly can make mistakes (some are well publicized), but not every case of a non-qualifier is an issue that can be fixed on UM's side.

As to (1), no, I don't believe that for a second.


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Do some of the people here believe that people in athletic dept or admissions has it in for RR so they are intentionally screwing things up so RR can't get some of the kids into Michigan??

Intentionally screwing him over? No I don't believe that's their intention, but I believe that's the necessary result.

Do I believe that in light of the Ann Arbor News "investigation", the Freep "investigation", the NCAA investigation, and Feagin's "coke deal" that UM is taking a harder line on what they allow the football team to do and who they allow in? Yes.

I believe that admissions is concerned about PR so it is easier to deny borderline kids. It is also possible that RR does not have the political power to get these kids in any more. He already got Turner and Gallon in at the last minute, Admissions may just be done granting favors.

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I don't believe that people intentionally screwed Weatherspoon or Turner or are doing the same with Witty currently. However, I DO believe that there are some f'n morons who probably couldn't pass stats 250 in our compliance department right now, whom Brandon needs to replace immediately.


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I think there are too many conspiracy theories out there. Witty is probably the nicest, greatest kid in the world. However, he is academically marginal for admissions. One thing to know about UM is that even though its the same school, there are "factions" (sorry to use it, but made sense) all over the school. Admissions, Financial Aid, Athletics, Academic side of things (college of LSA, division of kin., etc). And while there is communication, each are their own separate entity. Across the board, due to horrible media in Ann Arbor and Detroit, softer classes and avenues that many students, including athletes, used to help get by have been eliminated. I do not believe that anyone in admissions is sitting there trying to screw Rodriquez. Simply put, Witty is marginal, and there is no table or chart for any applicant that says do X, Y, and Z and you will be admitted (the university has denied students with 4.0 gpa's or high 30's act scores).

I would hope that UM coaching staff reaches out to players and helps walk them through the best path to optimize their chances of getting in. However, it is still a guessing game and its still up to the kid to do the work.

We need to stop creating enemies and maybe ask ourselves if maybe it is not in this kid's best interest to be at UM on an academic side of things.

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If Witty a) was informed that passing X class(es) would get him admitted, b) passed said class(es), and c) was not admitted, then this speaks to an outrageous level of incompetence somewhere on Michigan's end for misleading the kid. It's really absurd, fucking around with a kid's life plans like that.

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In the whole Scout-based "Everbody out to git Rodriguez" conspiracy theory (WHICH I am thankful as all hell hasn't made its way here), I DO believe if Lloyd were still the coach, these guys all would be in.

Now that's not, in ANY FRIGGIN way to say anything other than yes, YES the entrance climate into UM has probably changed a bit over the last 24 months--and UM is cowering at the feet of the Freep and others in an effort to keep up appearances.

Is it good that UM might be tightening up admissions? Oh well, just ask Notre Dame.

Hey, you have an ahtletics department that falls under the rules and regs of the NCAA. The NCAA says "2.0 GPA and 17 on the ACT"--fuckin' A--that's good enough for me!