Adidas Jersey Issues! UPDATED & EDITED

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With GR3's jersey issues today (originally reported as blood, later to be tearing) can Michigan finally get away from Adidas?   Not sure if it was widely known but the report of Michigan not having their Blue road uniforms since the Minnesota game, and would be wearing last years jerseys if the road team. 

That Minnesota game was on JANUARY 17th that is over 2 months ago, and Adidas can't get Michigan replacement jerseys? 

I know there is always a lot of complaining about the apperal that Adidas puts out but with the football jersey issues the last two seasons, and now these issues with the basketball team there has to be a change.

Edit: It appears Adidas has mad a statement about Michigan not having their road uniforms.

Adidas statement: “We have plenty of Michigan uniforms including the home white jersey they wore today. There won’t be any issues.”

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You may want to do your research in golf pal.  Taylor Made has been the number one driver, FW,and iron in EVERY tour event this year.  Also # 1 or 2 in hybrids, and #2 in golf balls.  This is a subject I can assure you I am correct on, since I work for them. As for sales, Taylor Made is BY FAR the largest golf company.  55% marketrshare at one point last summer.  Nike is between 2-4%.  Titleist is the #1 golf ball company.  Nike is not in the top 5 in any golf category except shoes.  Sorry, your fact are wrong, and not even close to correct.


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My apologies for personally offending you, or the company you work for.  I simply was using information from Golf Digest which cited Titleist MB Irons as the most widley used irons on tour. As well as the ProV1(1x) as the most widely used ball.  I did know TaylorMade had the most used driver (and personally carry one myself). 


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Wow, a two page thread about a couple rips in uniforms.. wow.  Bunch of ladies, lol.  Nothing wrong with Adidias, I like their gear and shoes.  


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Maybe Under Armour is the solution.  I know they have a rivalry with Nike, since they originally tried to sell their brand to Nike.  Nike said no, then tried to rip off Under Armour's patents.  So, UA would have a dog in the fight.


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Usually my complaints have been about apperance (design, mottos, etc...  the more subjective things).  INever liked the Adidas move, personally.  But when you start to have real concerns over the durability of than that seals it.  IIRC football jerseys had problems tearing in the past and even the players were saying they'll provide their own generic accessories over the free Adidas stuff.  It's time to move on from some of this garbage.

Bando Calrissian

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I guess when I see every Adidas school in the tournament wearing the same RISE TO THE OCCASION gear, I begin to wonder whether our relationship with them is about our identity as Michigan, or their desire to market their identity using our guys as mannequins.

Say what you will about Nike, but every single iteration of the Pro Combat gear I've seen focuses on the school, not the swoosh. No stupid marketing slogans, no overwhelming logos, just the school and their identity. Same goes for UA. Look what they did in building a uniform system across all sports at Northwestern that incorporates the Northwestern Stripe and other sublimated elements that mimic details of the NU campus. Their stuff looks great.

Adidas just doesn't pull it off. And we're stuck holding the bag with a bunch of ripped jerseys.


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I think that Adidas is too formulaic and template-based, and have been for decades. They are hardly the only offenders, however--you are strongly understating the unified nature of Nike's exotic uniforms.

I like Nike better than Adidas, but the template problem cuts across everything. I do agree with you about UA's work with Northwestern, though.


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jerseys that get pulled on  for sixty minutes as you are handing down an asswhoopin...will rip. For Burke to complain to the refs and them to turn a blind eye, apparently it's not something that happens every game. It seems like there are folks who bitch just for the sake of's a uniform. When I was there we didn't have a 'contract' deal with some uniform supplier. You got whatever shit they put in your locker and wore the M proudly...stop bitching because you remember some good old days and like the way the "nike" gear fits over your fucking beer gets freaking old after a while. GO BLUE...sweet sixteen...the reason we care.


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I second mshot. My version was just condensed. We should be partying and having a great time... Then I come on here and see turds complaining about our jerseys.
Is it me or does it sound like something a notre dame
Fan would do?


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I say we should go to Under Armour. We would be one of their largest clients and I would assume that we could get more attention from them than we get from Adidas. Adidas gear is boring and in many cases they appear to just re-use the same template with each school. An example of this was when our Under The Lights uniforms with the M on the front were basically replicated for Wisconsin for their game against Nebraska this past season. It seems to me that Adidas is just lazy. They re-use designs over and over again, and obviously this blue road uniform issue taking place could be considered laziness on Adidas's part as well. Anyway, as I was saying, I think we should go to Under Armour. Their football gear is awesome. My high school wore UA uniforms and they were great. Everything fit very well and durability was never a problem. And as far as crazy designs, aside from Maryland, Ive never really seen Under Armour go that overboard. Plus, the most attractive thing that Under Armour would offer is that they are a company that knows football. Most Under Armour football teams have guys wearing TONS of Under Armour gear. Visors, sleeves, wristbands, gloves, etc. Our guys really dont wear any Adidas gear other than the gloves. Actually Im not even sure if we had a single player on our football team that wore a visor this past season. And this isnt because of a lack of desire to wear things like that, because Denard went out after the season had wore a Under Armour visor on his Michigan helmet for the Senior Bowl (And Im sure Adidas loved that hahaha)


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The fact that we are complaning about this is the best.  Let's take a moment to imagine ourselves five years ago and point out that we are consistent B1G title contenders, just made the Sweet 16 AND ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT OUR LACK OF BACK UP JERSIES


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I've mostly given up on this site for this reason...if it doesn't toe the "comapny line" you get downvoted and flamebaited...bottom line it's a uniform. Light has a price. If it happened every game I'd say there was a legit gripe. But instead there is a loud underground that wants everything to revert to the llllloyd ball days and that nike is somehow going to transform our athletes. Instead of seeing the bigger picture. Some people need to get a life instead of thinking they can bitch enough to get nike shit back...fuck nike. If they wanted to stay they should have ponied up....we get nike back and the same bitches will complain about battle clownz uniformz...shut up already. GO BLUE!


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Just wait until Trey Burke is not on the floor at the end of a critical tournament game because he is on the bench dealing with an Adidas "jersey malfunction" and then we'll see just how "unimportant" the fact that our jerseys can't seem to stay in one piece is. 

The only good news is that with our low seeding, perhaps we'll be in blue the rest of the way, meaning that we'll be using last-years jerseys, which seem to be able to stay in one piece.  Unless of course we go maize. 


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I really don't understand the hate for this thread. Apparently its "retarded" to assume our apparel company can meet their obligations of quality clothing and replacements in a timely fashion. Shocker here, but the morons are this way -->


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Obviously, it's not fun to watch players leave the game because of torn jerseys, but I'd prefer Adidas to make some improvements (or issue backup/duplicate jerseys for the starters at least) rather than Michigan switching uniform suppliers. Plus, these guys on the team all have NBA dreams, and it must be pretty cool for them to see their favorite NBA players also wearing Bleed Out jerseys and other Adidas apparel. Perhaps that's not very important, though.   


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I've watched basketball for almost 40 years and I've never seen a basketball team at ANY level having their jerseys RIPPING like this.  I think the intermural jerseys my friends and I bought for $35 a piece back when we went to Michigan were higher quality than the crap Adidas has given the team. 


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After looking at what Under Armour did to Maryland, South Florida, Boston College, and Texas Tech you would want them to sponsor us? No way. I say we either go back to Nike or tell Adidas to keep the clown jerseys to themselves. Nike has made some pretty clean jerseys, and some pretty stupid jerseys, so as long as we decline the dumb ones we will be fine.


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i don't understand those complaining about us complaining. our basketball team doesn't have our jerseys for our sweet 16. no debate, that is trash.

question: many other teams wear this exact same adidas uniform ~ are those teams having jersey quality issues?


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First is the money. It started at 7.5 million and is well over 8 now thanks to Notre Dame. When we left Nike they were offering 2 million.

Second, Michigan has the right to refuse any product idea or design Adidas offers. Nike would not do that either.

If anything this national call out served as a wake up call to Adidas. They came out and said they have our jerseys ready (per Darren rovell on twitter).


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But why the heck are all the jerseys ripping to begin with?  This isn't football and they aren't outfitting Anthony Carter.  I'm guessing we didn't order tear-away jerseys.


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I kind of wish the football jerseys were tear-away (and that they had a stock of 10 or so for WRs, RBs and QBs). It seems there were at least two tackles per game where the opposing team got a hold of the rubber band jersey that was apparently easy to grab and would not tear no matter how much force was applied.