Adam Rittenberg tells us stuff we already know.

Submitted by AeonBlue on February 22nd, 2011 at 9:15 AM

Adam Rittenberg in the Big 10 Blog outlines how Michigan's offense is "probably" going to look next year. In case you missed it, it's going to be a little spread 'n' shred, a little read option, a little west-coast, and a little power-running.

Basically, we have all these spread people and we don't know what to do with them so we're going to do it all until we get guys better suited to us and our style of play.



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I like Rittenberg's blog-he definitly doesn't break news but he does a good job of interviewing the actual coaches and players instead of unknown sources like half of the sports media.


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This blog post is not bad and I like Rittenberg's coverage for the most part.  He should stay away from the video clips and stick to text though IMO.


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I don't have any problem with Rittenberg whatsoever. Some people use ESPN as their primary source, and he does a good job of only providing facts in his articles. It might not all be original, but I've never seen him make ridiculous claims or make stuff up.


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It is a fact that Denard was over-used as a runner during last season.  It was his first year becoming accustomed to the whole season physicality of D1 football and in the 2nd half of the season he wasn't 100% healthy.  Denard did fantastic job and gave it his all but Rodriguez depended on his quarterback for too much of the running load all year.  I believe that Borges and Hoke will find a way to utilitize Denard  effectively which will not beat him as much as he was last year.  He may not have 1700 yards rushing, but he will still be a huge threat on the ground. 


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I like Rittenberg and for the great majority of fans that don't follow the team religiously through MGo like we do the information he shares is useful.  Let's give the guy a break.  I am not a big ESPN guy, but he is one of the guys I do like there.  


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I like Rittenberg and think he does a solid job of reporting on the B10, but basically listing every offense college teams run save for the read option and the wishbone and saying "UM will run some of that" this year doesn't feel like much of a story.

I am actually a little scared of Al Borges the more I read from him - he seems hell-bent on running the offense the way he wants, even with dynamic playmakers in Robinson and the WRs and, frankly, mediocre options at the RB position.  As long as Denard is in the backfield, I want to see him highlighted in whatever offense this team runs, and I get a bad feeling that Borges is going to force him to line up under center much more than last year and try to be a pocket passer which is just not his forte.

I really like Mattison and think he will be a great addition to the stafff; Hoke has passion and I think he'll be a decent coach.  But no matter how much other people might disagree, I am NOT a fan of Borges right now and I have a bad feeling that he'll annoy me for years to come.


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You signed up today to say that? Great contribution. I agree with most of you about RIttenberg, he's not the greatest but he is head and shoulders above any of our local hacks here who write for the states two biggest newspapers.


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It is only old news to those who follow MGoBlog.  For most of the fanbase, information is received almost exclusively through the MSM.  So, while this is "old news" to most of us, to many this is an "interesting piece" about our future offense.  Ritt does a good job of presenting information to the general public in as close to as timely a manner as most in the MSM.

To me, this only highlights how great the MGoCommunity really is - through our devoted members who post (and sometimes repost) relevant information, we are hyper-informed about the goings on of our beloved team almost instantly.


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I know every NFL and CFB blog on ESPN has that, but it's still a good read for me during the day.  Plus he's not a homer and is as unbiased as you could ask for from the WWL. 


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AR says :Among the many burning questions in Ann Arbor is this: What will Michigan's offense look like in the 2011 season?

Isn't our defense the bigger question? If we can move the defense to average, we will be much better than last last year in the win loss colum.