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More for Joey than the team.  Guy walks on, works hard, sniffs starting last year and this year both, but never quite gets there, finally gets his shot after the tire fire the OL has been all year, plays a little and goes down with an ACL.  He may not have the size and talent of some of the other guys, but you really have to feel for a guy in his situation who has it snatched away in a few moments after he finally gets his shot.


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First thing I thought when he got hurt too, really feel bad for the kid. I can't help but wonder if he would have been ok if he came out the first time he tweaked it. I think he wasn't going to take himself out after all the hard work to get the start and may have done more damage to it unfortunately. :(


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ACL's are avascular especially as compared to a tendon.  Now some ligaments are "very" vascular (as compared to other ligaments).  MCL and LCL are quite vascular and unless you tear it from the bone it will regenerate.  Pretty sure we have had a couple of MCL "tears" this year through the grapevine and I know those players are back 100%.

Someone mentioned S&C doesn't affect this - well we are an a pretty accelerated injury rate on this injury so we shouldn't overlook any variable. Obviously you could have the best program and a kid could tear his ACL falling down the stairs, but it would be interesting to learn our S&C prehab and leg regimen.  Leg strength can help - especially hamstrings in preventing or minimizing ACL injuries due to hyperextension - they act as a break.

This is disheartening but if we go by the Jake Ryan model he will be practicing in spring albeit lightly and good for next year. 


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you would be a fool not to. one injury is an accident where as the frequency we are seeing with the same injury is symptomatic. It could be technique, strength and conditioning, random acts, field turf as a factor. ETC. Typically an injury of this nature has to be questioned, like it or not. Sorry, even UM isn't mighty enough to be above the reality of this.


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There are conflicting studies of the safety of FieldTurf. A five-year study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine found that injury rates for high school sports were similar on natural grass and synthetic turf. There were, however, notable differences in the types of injuries. Athletes playing on synthetic turf sustained more skin injuries and muscle strains while those who played on natural grass were more susceptible to concussions and ligament tears.[13] In 2010, another peer-reviewed study was published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, this time on NCAA Division 1-A football, concluding that in many cases games played FieldTurf-branded products led to fewer injuries than those played on natural grass.[14] However, the NFL’s Injury and Safety Panel presented a study finding that anterior cruciate ligament injuries happened 88 percent more often in games played on FieldTurf than in games played on grass.[15]



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I don't know if you're following my point.  This is the money quote:

"There's a big difference between an NFL field, which is pristine and prime, and every other field in the country," Meyers said. That could tip the injury balance in favor of grass in a study limited to the pros.

What we had from 1991-2002 was practically painted mud by midseason, and opposing teams regularly complained about how bad the footing was.  Speaking of "grass" fields isn't very helpful in our case, because it's very difficult to grow it at Michigan Stadium.  Our options are basically a mudpit or FieldTurf, and that's probably a different comparison than lush grass vs. FieldTurf.


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Yes, the history of Michigan Stadium is that it was originally grass, then switched to a carpet-like Tartan Turf in about 1969, which remained as that kind of field (with periodic re-carpeting) until 1991, when it was decided to abandon that artificial surface (and it was basically a good idea) as well as lower the field so that the first few rows were no longer so low in comparison to the playing surface.

Yes, we went to Field Turf after that and we continue with that surface.

And yes, the '91-'02 grass was terrible.  One of the worst fields, anywhere.  An embarassment much of the time.  With workers scampering out onto the field during timeouts to tamp down foot-long divots and torn turf.

But what a lot of people don't realize is that before switching to the Tartan Turf in '69, we had a GREAT grass field.  It was flawless, and drained amazingly well given the low grade of the inside of the Stadium and the notorious underground spring that flows below.

Whatever they did in '91 with the drainage and the Stadium infrastructure (the idea, as I say, was great), the effect was a disaster.


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Tough to hear, especially because he really has worked hard and finally got the nod to start only to have it end like that. Hopefully, Burzynski's recovery is full and expeditious and he is back at it next season. 

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I remember Bosch coming in really early so it must've been first or second. When you write your posts regarding the games do you rewatch anything or just go off of memory? Adding to that, is there a chance that you will grade out either of the lines at some point, such as a UFR, since I believe that is your area of expertise? 


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I sometimes watch parts of the game for a second time, but I usually rewind almost every play as I'm watching "live" and re-watch each one a couple times. Then I just try to catch back up during commercials, timeouts, and halftime.

I've considered doing a UFR-type thing, but I'm too busy during football season...and once my football season ends, it loses its immediacy. I don't know how many people are interested in looking at an Indiana UFR in mid-December or something like that.

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I like the way you watch the games. You're seeing all the facets of every play. Anyway, how do you think Bosch did for his first start? It seemed like he was able to get great leverage on a lot of plays and get his butt in the right spot for Toussaint to run off of on a lot of the plays that went his way. That seems easy to someone not doing it but damn it must be tough when the objective of the opposing player is to not allow you to do so. 


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I thought Bosch did really well, actually. Especially for a freshman. Granted, it was Indiana and they're not particularly big. But he was very active, used good technique, and seemed not to get confused by blitzes and such. I noticed a couple times when they sent blitzes at him, and he seemed to pick them up. I did notice a hold that didn't get called, but he had fewer mental mistakes than Graham Glasgow, Chris Bryant, or Kyle Kalis have had there, in my opinion.


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I'm wondering when this affects recruiting. Is there some point when Funk or Borges say, we need to add another OG recruit.

Related to this is the question of how and when announcements are made about someone's career being over. Part of that is the player's decision, and part of it is medical and physical reality. Regardless, I don't expect we'll hear anything regarding OL depth during the remainder of the season.


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I realize it hurts, but usually, guys just crumple to the ground and grab their knee. Drake Johnson, Joey Burzynski, and a bunch of other guys I've seen have acted like it might as well be a sprain or a muscle pull.

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Both are large human beings but offensive lineman are trained to be somewhat impervious to pain while quarterbacks wear red jerseys so as not to get hit the majority of times they are training to do what it is they do. Their bodies aren't as accustomed to that stimuli as linemen who are punished on every play in practice and to an even greater extent in games since that is when effort is taken to the highest of levels. 

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This sucks...Hope he can come back next year 100%. We need his versatility on the OLine, can play all 3 interior spots.

Wouldn't shock me if he's the 1st interior lineman off the bench behind Bosch-Glasgow-Kalis (I've got Magnuson moving out to OT).