"Ace Williams is a fraud."

Submitted by bdsisme on August 1st, 2011 at 3:21 PM

I think most of us already have pegged Ace Williams as a "throw crap against the wall and see what sticks" type of rumor-mongerer, but nonetheless his rumors sometimes boil over to the MGoBoard and some people still praise him on twitter.

Fueled by his misrepresentation of the Kellen Jones story, his "reporting" of 24/7's work towards getting Michigan an actual 24/7 site which in turn halted the discussion, and his incorrect and unsourced rumors, it seems like someone ("ScoutExile") did some investigative reporting of his own, and found that -- in his own words -- "Ace Williams is a fraud." (i.e. there is NO Ace Williams -- he is just a ghost of another ex-blogger.)

The write-up at Midnight Maize is pretty thorough (and it's hilarious that he copied his twitter picture out of a hair-styling magazine).





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The dominoes begin to fall.

Soon we shall unmask this "Brian" who has existed for so long in the shadows of the blogosphere.

His Dudeness

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There are so many good writers in the Michigan blogosphere like Brian, Magnus, The Other Brian and the good guys at Maize-n-Brew that write great Michigan content and work their tails off while doing it. """

Magnus? Really?

"Man moves at hip well" is being a good writer? Good to know.


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The article has a picture of one of Ace's tweets saying "...Kellen Jones was involved in some fisticuffs that led to his dismissal."

I think their reasoning is that i) it was not "fisticuffs", and ii) although it could be a slightly related reason, it should not be published and passed around without verification (those threads here on MGoBlog got deleted quickly, for example).

Moe Greene

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Nicely fisked. Love how the second post (by Anonymous, of course) says that MMs article is dumb and that Ace is the best michigan writer out there. No doubt Ace's momma is gonna get pissy.





Franz Schubert

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Im not saying he is some great insider but this piece is saying he is another writer and blogger other than his handle. So what? They point out that this other writer was in fact an insider in the program before RR so is it unfathomable that his connections are now back in order with the new regime? The Kellen Jones thing was accurate for the most part was it not? He also predicted J. Wilson to UM when that was very much undecided and K. Kalis was not at all a certainty when he predicted it. Yeah, the timing on some of it was off but generally speaking he has been money. Ill bet Pipkins is Blue before he leaves the state.

Now having said all that, I take him with a grain of salt but the writer of this piece is mad because Ace called them out as something less than real writers.


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A more edited, less damning version of this blog post was accidentally released 5 days ago, but it was quickly taken down. Still, it was cached by google. This is why Ace was on twitter trying to discredit me and the other posters on 247sports last night.


FWIW: He has unfollowed the twitter account featured in my story.


In case anyone wondered my reasoning: I understand almost all of us knew that Ace was a fraud, but it remained unproven and there were Wolverines that believed this Gatsbian creation. I had to intervene and end Ace from masquerading as a legitimate source (at least in the minds of some Wolverine fans) after he started to: get prediction after prediction wrong, allude that certain recruits committed crimes that they did not commit, and interfere in the process of Michigan getting a team site on 247sports (with his "Media Edition" article). Ace had started to harm the fan base; therefore, the program.


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what really happened to Kellen? It's been reported on here that it was legal issues. Could it actually be fighting? I don't really care either way, but with the strong statement that Kellen did not in fact commit that crime, shouldn't there be a verification of what Kellen did in fact do?
Not being a follower of "Ace's" because verified credibility is important to me, my only real observation however, in this case is that being called Gatsbian actually makes him sound a little cooler.

Franz Schubert

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in this fight. Confirming he was in fact an insider in the program pre RR seemed to give him more credibility in my mind. I for one hope he is legit as I want all the information I can get.


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Ace's connection to the program was a Michigan student that covered the team for CSTV from 2005-2006, but this student graduated in 2006 (hence Ace's claim that he was an "insider" during the Carr years).

I chose not to release a significant portion of evidence to protect innocent parties and not reveal Ace's real-life identity.

The only innocent parties involved in the article were those that Ace retweeted or followed, which was done to disconnect them from being mistakenly identified as Ace Williams.


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lead me to the Everything Michigan And More site. *Which by the way, I've already been on, because I have a friend who was asked to write for them. He's a good guy* However, I noticed on that site, which is run by RepoMan, or Matt (one of the 7 ppl Ace follows on Twitter), that one of his writers, Scott, posted the exact same BBQ picture that TomVH posted last night claiming that "Allen Gant gave permission personally  to our site to post his BBQ picture so please don't steal it!"

The plot thickens. DUN DUN DUNN


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Why the concern over his real life identity? He obviously doesnt care about hurting people or our program.

Tell me again why i should give a shit if he's outed?


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Some of the 2012 commits. GO BLUE!


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I have never even heard of this guy before today, really

How did I get so out of touch. Oh, its summer and I've been working on my tan.


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How's it working out for you?  I devoted this summer to getting a six pack and increasing my booze tolerance.  Only successful on one front so far.