Ace: 247Sports Ranks 2012 Defensive Position Groups

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Yesterday, 247 named Michigan's 2012 offensive line class the best in the country, while also giving the Wolverines honorable mention at tight end. Today, they ranked the defense, and prepare for a little debate: The defensive end group of Chris Wormley and Tom Strobel came in second behind Florida State, which is cool, but the linebackers (Joe Bolden, RJS, Kaleb Ringer, and James Ross) also came in second, after Alabama, which is far less cool from a Michigan fan's perspective. While the issue is certainly up for debate, and Alabama has a pretty fantastic group, 247 analyst Gerry Hamilton said 'Bama's position at the top was 'pretty much cut and dry'.

To his credit, in the comments, J.C. Shurburtt acknowledged that both have great classes, implying that the Tide's spot at the top wasn't as clear-cut as Hamilton suggested. Your (probably wildly-biased) thoughts, MGoBoarders?



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Hamilton also said in the comments that U-M's cornerback class could jump into the discussion if they were to land a guy like Yuri Wright. On a side note, both Alabama and Florida State have pretty incredible defensive classes right now, but the Wolverines are right there with them.

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I would say based on having 4 outstanding LB prospects we would take the crown in linebackers. Rivals has Alabama with two 4 stars and two 3 stars. 


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I've already had a couple posts up as diaries, but stuff like this (either very short or passing on info - this happens to be both) will live on the board. The "Ace:" tag is supposed to help make my stuff stand out from the "riff-raff".

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everyone loves the SEC and thats just the way it is. I think Texas AM was set to get a big bump in the recruiting rankings but then they didnt . . . huh interesting!!


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Ross and RJS are the #2 and #3 rated MLB on Scout. One of the Bama kids is #1 and a 5 star. Just a little FYI to all the posters. (Also, they have the #6 MLB too and a top 10 OLB)


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I'm sure this has been posted in other threads, but you can get position group rankings on Rivals as well:;_ylt=AqpNIzmv6xIG6NcJyVJt.m5JPZB4

Michigan's rank
OL: #1
TE: #4
DT: #4 (tie w/ Florida)
DE: #3
LB: #1
DB: #1

We're ranked in the Top 5 for all position groups in which we've recruited any players.  This is Incredibly Hokeishly Tremendously.  I mean, phenomenal.


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Does anyone remember TomVH getting negged for his posts on the Board?  I think the same courtesy should be shown to Ace and Heiko, at least for the first month or so.  Then we can make them feel right at home by blasting away like we do to other MGoMembers.



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I am sorry.  I cannot look at these posts and see "Ace:" and think anything other than, "I cannot believe that fucking clown Ace Williams is posting on MGoBlog".  I might get over it, someday.  

This is my roundabout way of asking the real Ace how much he hates Ace Williams.


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I've been on the Michigan blogosphere far longer than that guy. I don't steal content. I post under my actual name (I won't say "real," because Ace is a nickname, but if you really want to know my real name is Harry and I think I've posted that somewhere on here, plus literally every person who knows me at all calls me Ace). My twitter avatar is a picture of me, not some photo stolen from a post about men's hairstyles or a hilariously-bad photoshop job of some completely different guy.

I don't hate the guy. I just think it's ridiculous that people even pay attention to him. I find the fact that people see the name 'Ace' on a Michigan blog of repute and immediately think of that clown very, very sad, and I hope that changes in the very near future.