According to Tom Beaver on WTKA...

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...Baxtor wants RR to come to Cali and do an in home with him and family. Apparently Carroll told Baxter not more than a week ago he wasn't going anywhere and now we know that's not necessary is the case (assuming the deal falls through for Pete).

Even though Prater decommitted from USC, Prater not looking at UM.

Will Gholston is a great combine guy but disappears during the game. He's a great athlete but has yet to show that promise during games.

Hopson leaving hurt Murphy/Grimes recruitment and possibly others...

Marcus Knight visiting this week.

January crazy month for recruiting where coaches leave and kids shift. Kids from South commit early to hold a position but tend to change their minds in Jan.

Already known... Drake and Witty dropped from UM.



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Gholston did nothing at the Under Armor game. He showed great in practice and the skills challenge, but when the game came around he did nothing. He got 31 sacks because of his sheer size and speed. Physically gifted kid taking advantage of smaller slower competition.


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has the talent but is very raw. HS teams tried to run away from him which is exactly why you shouldn't do against him. HS had more success running to his side, instead of away from him because he get washed out pretty easily and is a great sideline to sideline pursuiter. He's getting by with his athleticism but people who saw Gholston play, said the same thing. Great athlete but needs a lot of work if he wants to be a good college player.

Steve in PA

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Cullen Christian is in Western PA, by Pittsburgh. If he went to eastern PA to find him then he's looking at a 5 hour trip in the car after touchdown.

That is more Central/Southern Jersey or Lehigh Valley. I haven't heard of any names there unless there were a few vulnerable PSU guys since that's their area.

"Historic Wings Field (LOM) is one of the oldest continuously operating airports in the United States. Located in Blue Bell (Montgomery County), Pennsylvania, it is a very convenient portal to downtown Philadelphia and is the closest airport to Plymouth Meeting, Fort Washington, Chestnut Hill, Willow Grove, Hatboro, King of Prussia, the Main Line, and Conshohocken. It lies just 1-1/2 miles north of the intersection of three major highways – the east-west Pennsylvania Turnpike, the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and the Blue Route (I-476) with connections of the Schuylkill Expressway (I-76) and I-95."


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I especially liked Tom Beaver's "inside information" on Devin Gardner...

TJB -- 4:01 Devin will not enroll early.

OldManCoyote and the rest of the sheeple start to make plans for a mass suicide.

TJB -- 6:03 Devin will enroll early.

Saume starts 6000 threads about enrolling early and how this will help the team.

TJB -- 7:29 Devin will not enroll early.

sonofjorel makes a post about how everyyone on the board who doesn't kiss rich rods balls is the devil and a damn fool, god damnit.

TJB -- 8:03 Devin will either enroll early or he won't.

All the sheeple in unison -- gee thanks Tom, this is why I spend the 99 dollars a year. You are the best Tom. TJB for president!!!! I love you Tom.


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Ah good ole sonofjorel. One of the reasons I don't miss the Scout board. I appreciate the enthusiasm at which the mods of the Michigan Scout boards share, but they make it borderline embarrassing to post over there. They were always right, you were always wrong. If someone from a different team dare challenge their thinking on anything Michigan football, that person would be personally insulted and banned.


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sonofjorel is an RR apologist. He needs to remove his head from Rich Rod's ass so he can clearly see both sides of an arguement. Ripnice, on the other hand, seems to be more open minded but should consider toning it down on being connected to the Ann Arbor elite. Most people I know who have money never talk about it.

oldmancoyote & saume need to get a job so someone else can start a thread once in a while. I have to admit they are the two biggest stooges on GBW.