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Michigan (12). Current record: 5-5. Remaining games: at Wisconsin, Ohio State. Will the Wolverines go bowling? No. And that would be a bad thing: In July Rich Rodriguez said it would be a major disappointment if his second team in Ann Arbor didn't make a bowl game -- and presumably his goals at that time were higher than the Motor City Bowl. At this point it's impossible to see Michigan winning again until the intrasquad spring game.

This season has spiraled into a complete disaster in short order. After a 4-0 start, Michigan has lost five of six with the only victory over FCS Delaware State. The only two victories against automatic BCS qualifying teams are by three points over Indiana and four points over Notre Dame, both of which came with significant officiating breaks.

In fact, half of Rodriguez's eight wins at Michigan are against Miami (Ohio), Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan and Delaware State. He's lost twice to bad Illinois teams by a combined 50 points. He's lost to Toledo.

And then there is the ongoing NCAA investigation into excessive-practice allegations. Bad time to be RichRod right now.

Is there a good enough reason to believe this guy? I just don't buy it.


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Look, I'm no Forde fan. Guy's an idiot.

But: (1) Chances are not good we win again this year. Possible, but not good.

(2) Rodriguez did say that about disappointment in not making a bowl.

(3) Do you want to be Rodriguez now? The insane 1/2 of the fanbase is calling for his head. The sane 1/2 of the fanbase is seriously reconsidering their opinions of him.

(4) We did, in fact, lose to the teams he mentioned, in the way he mentioned.

And (5) We did, in fact, beat the teams he mentioned in the way he mentioned.

That's my (5) minute take. I don't get what's so exciting about this...


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... manage the inputs and don't worry about the outputs, because as long as your manages the inputs the outputs will begin to take care of themselves.

Now, I'm not saying that RichRod is doing a great job on the inputs yet, only another year or two will tell, but Forde only has access to (and sites) the outputs and has no basis for making an educated statement on the direction of the program.

Forde is a breadth guy (vs. a depth guy) who tries to wax eloquent on way too many topics. He doesn't have the time to dig deep so he makes quick statements based on limited knowledge and research. It's an entertaining read (IMHE), but nothing else.


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Your comment:

"Forde is a breadth guy (vs. a depth guy) who tries to wax eloquent on way too many topics. He doesn't have the time to dig deep so he makes quick statements based on limited knowledge and research."

It made me laugh because it essentially equates to a nice, longhanded way of saying Forde's kind of a douchebag.


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As shown in the link below, the chances are not as slim as people like Forde claim. He has virtually nothing valuable to say about the topic, only his own hollow opinion. I doubt he even understands the concept of probability.

It is true that, probably, UM will not go bowling, but is there a reasonable possibility of doing so? A one in three chance is greater than the chance you will win a tourney with four equally matched teams (that's 1/4). In that case, you'd need to win both games. We have tougher opponents but only need to win one.

So if we've got no chance to go bowling, maybe Forde had better tell Beilein to pull the BB team out of all the weekend tournaments.


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I don't give 2 gerbil turds what Pat fucking Forde said, or says in the future. People like him are vultures. They find a few teams with a huge fan base like Michigan then hate/ridicule/dramatize on and ride it all the way to Controversy Bank. It keeps a job and pays the bills. Nice hustle. There is nothing credible about people like him. Because you can't take anyone with that much bias seriously.


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Posting pictures of hot girls you wish you could hang out with makes you cool. He is the Redneck Rocker with a better dental plan (though at least our boy in Columbus is actually in the pictures).


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are you people kidding me? i'd love to be RR. finally at a school that means something and not from the big east that gets overlooked year after year. knowing all he has to do is put up with some whinning from some crazy whacked out little girls who want 12-0 seasons to start(who listens to those bitches anyway). a defense decimated and that always lags 2 years behind the offense. just moved the offense from 20 ppg to over 30 ppg and with a true freshman. have loads of offensive talent coming back. will have the same DC for the 2nd straight year. most losses this year with my true freshman and lacking defense have been by less than 7 pts. studs on redshirt. several studs in the making coming in. HELL YEAH!!!! i wanna be RR. if things work out and we can redshirt a big freiken stud in devin we will, let me repeat myself, we will be big 10 champs in 2011 with a shot at the national title. as michigan fans we have all been spoiled by the success at the big house. but really what did that get us? nothing but a bunch of 8-4 seasons and LC last games of ass whooping by OSU. so jesus girls get on board or become sparty fans. i for 1 am tired of your whinning!


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Nothing of what Forde wrote there is either inaccurate or dismissive of Rich Rod. He simply is stating facts and drawing a logical conclusion from those facts that is neither sensationalized nor overly emotional. He could have gone a lot further, but obviously chose to show restraint. Just because it is criticism of Rich Rod, it doesnt mean that it is not based in facts.


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Why is everyone so ready to concede the game at wisconsin? We beat them last year with the worst football team EVER! I know its hard to be upbeat after the last few weeks but wisconsin aint shit.Did they just bring in a boatload of 4 and 5 star recruits? hell no,just the same 2 and 3 stars as every other year. Tate has said the game is starting to slow down for him, hes got 10 games under his belt,and these guys realize they need to win if they want to go to a bowl game. Wisconsin couldn't stop MINOR ever and Indiana just carved them up for 327(?) thru the air. Stop their run game and its lights out. Yes you heard it here first Michigan 41 wisconsin 17