ABC Next Sat / Iowa

Submitted by TorontoBlue on October 4th, 2009 at 11:43 AM

Herby & Brent signed off last night saying they would be in Iowa City next Sat for UM/Iowa. Can we take it to the bank that our game will be the national game on ABC?



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I haven't tried to check the coverage maps yet, but the west coast almost always has a Pac-10 game of some sort instead of what everyone else gets. Hopefully not this time.

Jim Harbaugh S…

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will be in Baton Rouge for the Gators v. LSU game.

Can't imagine them not going when 2 top 5 teams are playing.
Only reason that I can think of why they might not go is because it will be a CBS game not an ESPN family of networks game.


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Am I in the minority in saying that Herbie and Musberger are my favorite announcing duo? Herbie is my second favorite Buckeye and Musberger is passable, although somewhat prone to hyperbole. As an added bonus, EA should be there too.

I'm also hoping we can get the Griese-Speilman combo at some point this year. I've had enough of the BTN mo-rons, Pam Ward, and Sean McDonough (who I suspect is really just Pam Ward without the wig)


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I, too, am a fan of Herbie and Musberger. When you compare them to most of the other announcing teams out there, they make for an entertaining game. Maybe it's just the fun of watching high-profile night games, but they at least seem to know what they are talking about more than a lot of other announcers.

EA will not be there, as she is on the ESPN night game team this year instead of ABC. Brian posted this link in the off-season with the announcing teams:…

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So will the game be on ESPN 360 for those of us overseas? I know some of you hate night games, but im pretty stoked i wont have to stay up until 4am to watch the game this weekend.