Aaron Lynch to Transfer

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Going back to Florida it sounds like to be with girlfirned from the sound of it.





Edit: I want to step back from what I posted in the comments. No hard source that is girlfriend (apparently still not his fiance) is pregnant. I do not want that reported as fact, but I know that she is his high school sweetheart and was homesick.



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"let's hope that..." my mind filled it in as "let's hope that it is his." I am truly a cynical asshole. 

But Lynch is a great football player and I wish him the best of luck. His transfer will surely be the excuse Domers give after they lose to us in 5 months. 


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Friend of a friend, etc... with connections in Cape Coral said it has been well know down there that he hated Kelly and was hoping to last just long enough to declare early for the draft.  Looks like he decided that wasn't worth suffering through.


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The scary thought in the distance (let's be real probably the very far distance) is that once the ND Athletic Department pull their heads out of their asses and decide to hire the right coach for their program (i.e. someone similar to Brady Hoke who just bleeds Notre Dame and doesn't just let the school sell itself, and who still knows how to coach), their awesome recruiting will actually stick and they'll be really really good.  I hope they're too arrogant to learn anything from Michigan's hiring of Hoke though and go back to the hot name one more time after they fire Kelly.  I'm worried, but I'm not worried.


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Moreso than Ohio State, who we compete directly with, I think it's good for Michigan if ND is good.  If ND is playing at a high level it generally reflects well on Michigan, especially if we're beating them (like we have been.)

I'd rather an elite player like Lynch stuck around, rather than further reinforce a regional imbalance (perceived at least).

Anyway, it's not like theres a lack of schadenfreude available from South Bend.  Diminishing returns at some point.


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With respect to Big Ten teams, I totally agree with this argument.  Even OSU.  Even though I wouldn't mind OSU to have a few down years to even things up, it's better when they're good. 

But not with ND.  OSU, MSU and the other Big Ten teams are our opponents on the field, but they are our conference mates, and as such, we are often judged as a whole.  ND, OTOH, is anti-Big Ten.  They take recruits from Big Ten schools, they dole out OOC losses to Big Ten schools, and until they join the Big Ten, they are enemy number 1. 

I hope ND sucks forever.  I have no problem beating a bad ND team.  I have no problem with Notre Dame fading into obscurity.  No problem at all.


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Personally, I resent the fact that Notre Dame is still regarded as an elite football program with enough clout to stay independent and negotiate sweetheart deals with NBC and the BCS despite not having accomplished jack shit in forever. With our Big Ten rivals, there is a healthy mutual respect. I cannot bring myself to respect Notre Dame. I root for them to lose every single game they play. I hate their fans, I hate their uniforms, I hate their stupid fight song, I hate their stadium, I hate that leprechaun logo, I hate that silly golden dome. I wouldn't care if we dropped them from the schedule permanently. They need us more than we need them. 

Notre Dame is no more elite than any middling BCS conference program, like an Oregon State or a Texas A&M (actually, Texas A&M is probably better). To hell with Notre Dame. 


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We play ND right out of the gate every year.  It is always going to be a big, hyped game no matter how much they end up sucking the rest of the year.  2007 is probably the only year with no excitement surrounding the game (both teams 0-2, ND was God awful).  No matter where they end up in November or January, somebody at the start of the season is always going to be proclaiming that this just might be the year ND is back.

I certainly don't shed any tears if OSU loses, but all things being equal I would just as soon have them undefeated when they play us.  Conversely, I want Notre Dame to lose every game they play.


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To hell with ND. They're always over hyped, over entitled, and over everythinged... but I do understand some of it. This is not an Oregon State or Texas A&M level program. This is the Canadiens or Leafs. ND is an original FB school (like Michigan), 3rd all time in wins(2 behind Michigan) they "Claim" 11 national titles, have had 7 heisman trophy winners, have a simple bowl stadium (like we used to) and freak out over the natural grass in their stadium (like we used to).

Current elite program? No. Historically great program on hard times? Yes.

That said, let's hang half-a-hundred on them in SB this year


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Yeah true, they do have some history behind them. But it just really annoys me that they get all this special treatment based purely on that history despite the fact that they have done absolutely nothing to deserve it since the 1980's or so. They've won like 2 bowl games in the past 20 years, fergodsakes. They're like that annoying rich kid who has no skills or potential but keeps getting handed opportunities (only to screw them all up) purely because he was born into an influential family. 

Leaders And Best

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His mom moved to Ohio from Florida and Meyer recruited him while at Florida.  But if it is true about his girlfriend and she lives in Florida, then that is a different story.  Either way, a huge loss for ND.

EDIT - word now is that he is probably headed to USF.


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Remember when ND signed like 3 5-star DE's for a 3-4 scheme in that class? This is a lesson in exactly why stockpiling depth is needed. One big time miss won't cripple you. Still hurts though.