Aaron Hernandez now being investigated for connection to an unsolved double murder in 2012

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Title says it all.  This is breaking news on CNN so no link availble yet but wow....just wow.

Edit: Link now available 


Edit: More news - police say the grey SUV they had been seeking in the 2012 slaying has now been located and was rented to Aaron Hernandez at the time of those murders.




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No doubt it's messed up, but crimes of passion usually say less about someone than cold blooded murder. I don't know the mindset of either guy at the time, but based on what I know, OJ's sounds like the less fucked up thing among two fucked up things.


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Brady and play for a successful franchise. How bad is your life? WTF? I guess being a thug is really awesome or something. I am not sure I see it myself until you look at the dude in the courtroom who comes across like a hardend criminal so at least he is getting his wish.


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Maybe this answers the question yesterday on why he thought he'd get away with it when the crime was so sloppy and poorly hidden from investagators.

Maybe he already had "gotten away with it" once before.......

BOX House

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My thoughts exactly. I was also perplexed as to why you would just sit around your house waiting for the police to collect evidence and obtain a warrant. The possibility that he has "gotten away with it" would give him a certain degree of cockiness.

Victor Hale II

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Love the "self-in-mirror" iPhone pic of him posing with his Glock in that NY Daily News link.  While it's not incriminating per se, it's not really something that many other average citizens would do, either.


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Usually when someone gets in trouble you hear some smattering of "Underneath that rough exterior, he really is [random positive character trait]", even if it is just from a family member or close friend.  Not so with Hernandez.  To me, that is very telling.


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You're technically right, Phil, but I'm sure you knew what he was getting at.  You can't end a sentence with an omission, but an omitted sentence after a complete sentence would  create the so-called "4 dot" ellipsis.  Someone may have to fact check me here, but I believe for the mythic 4 dots to appear, the period would actually have to come first after a complete sentence, then a space would then come before the ellipsis (i.e. - . ... ).


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This rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper for the young fellow.  He is innocent until proven guilty of course but the job the media is doing will not help him going forward.  He is looking like a menace to society.  I wonder did any of his teammates have any suspicions that he was involved in anything like this?



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sounds shaky to me.  it would clearly explain motive, but if this is true the victim had the knowledge for a long time and was presumably considered by Hernandez to be close enough that he could trust him not to disclose the information.  And even if Hernandez believed that he was going to go to the police, juries don't convict on the word of some dude when it does not appear that there was any other evidence linking the crime to Hernandez.  If he was going to kill him to keep the coverup going than why take so little effort to cover this up?   I don't know, something about this report does not add up.


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Granted but you must conceed it's a better motive than "he talked to the wrong people" at a club.  Seems like if you're going to commit first degree murder you would need a real good reason to do so and covering up another murder IMO would qualify.


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possible scenarios where I could buy this.

1.  Lloyd had already told police and Hernandez's arrest on the other charges was imminent and the case was solid if Lloyd was still around to testify.  In this scenario, you would have to buy that Hernandez was either stupid or crazy enough to believe that he could get away with killing the lead witness is his murder investigation.  Maybe I guess.

2.  Hernandez suspected that he could no longer "trust" Lloyd generically because of some other event and he is enough of a cold blooded murderer that he did not need anything else.  That plus a god complex would explain both the act and the lack of any real attempt to cover it up.

True Blue Grit

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People don't have their supposed "best friend" executed for talking to the wrong people, whatever that means.  I'm pretty sure when the police get into their investigation, they're going to find out about some pretty bad stuff that Hernandez was into that he was willing to kill someone to keep covered up.  The article linked in the OP could possibly explain the motive - keep Lloyd from implicating him in the double murder.   Either way, we now have a solid candidate to challenge O.J. for the biggest fall from NFL star to huge dirtbag. 


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"Covering it up" doesn't feel quite right to me as a motive--if he was really intent on that he wouldn't have gone about it in such a sloppy way. To me it smacks of punishment--a mob-style execution of Lloyd for the crime of turning on him.

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