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October 31st, 2017 at 4:36 PM ^

Some comments from Harbaugh after the game very complimentary of Spanellis. He's said to be very intelligent and has built his body up and is very big and strong. He could be a real option at left guard next year if they have to move Bredeson to one of the tackle spots.

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May be a LG / RG thing but I just found it strange / interesting that Runyan wasn't the 6th O Lineman (or 7th if you count Ruiz) out there for the heavy sets, but that it was Runyan that and not Spanellis that went in for Onwenu when he left hurt in the 4th. 

Hopefully we are building some future good depth with the underclassmen on the interior part of the line.


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Besides Newsome (holding out hope for him still)...


Andrew Stueber, 6'7, 314, Rivals 3* last year whose other best offer was Penn State.

Chuck Filiaga, 6'6, 345, Army All-American last year

Juwann Bushell-Beatty, 6'6, 315, starting RT now, his good is real good but still inconsistent

Joel Honigford, 6'6, 275 (needs to put on weight), 3* last year, next best offers from Auburn, Penn State, Michigan State, and Oklahoma


It's not as dire I think as some fear. Since OL doesn't rotate guys like the DL, you only need two. The depth is concerning though... perhaps why Hudson was moved to OL?


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I think its because it's easier to put a 6th OL in and give him a TE's blocking duties instead of inserting him in the middle of your starting line and bumping a tackle out further. Ruiz played as a 6th OL too, but he is a future Center.


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You don't in college. I don't remember the NFL rules because they don't do fun things often enough.

Changing the jersey avoids the step of reporting to the ref, which little-used OL can forget to do and refs can occasionally miss anyway. Just as likely Harbaugh does this so the D has more immediate respect for the lesser-known guy coming in as a hypothetical receiver. 


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Numbers 50-79 are ineligible to catch forward passes in high school.

Numbers 50-79 are ineligible to catch forward passes in college.

Numbers 50-79 are ineligible to catch forward passes in the NFL, except when they report as eligible to the referee and the referee makes an announcement.


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He's Bradenesque. Both are listed as 6' 6", 335 pounds. Braden bounced back and forth betweeen guard and tackle. At first glance, Spanellis doesn't have the quick feet you'd like to see from a LT, but I don't see why he couldn't be a road-grading right tackle in the JBB-mold. If Onwenu-Ruiz-Bredeson lock down the middle, his best chance of playing might be at RT.

I did find it interesting that Harbaugh gave more than the 1 word or 1 sentence answer when asked about Spanellis during the weekly press conference. He appears to be on Harbaugh's radar, which is a good sign for his future here.

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While there are real reasons to worry about the tackle position, there is real reason for optimisim about the interior positions. Obviously Onwenu is looking like a rising star, Bredeson will be in his third season, we all have high hopes for Ruiz snd Runyan and Spanellis have aquiited themselves well in limited, but non mop-up playing time.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the tackles, it seems a very legitimate question to ask if one of the eventual 4 best interior line options may in fact be one of our best tackle options.


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If by tackle eligable you mean he played tight end, than yea he played tackle eligable. The same way. Harbaugh has been playing a lineman at TE in big sets since he got here.


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And the winner got to wear the number of ounces they ate on a jersey last week.

It just so happens that Spanelis ate an "Old 96er", plus a bite off of the plate of the guy next to him.