9/11 where were you?

Submitted by randyfloyd on September 11th, 2015 at 8:56 AM
14 years ago I awoke to a beautiful day, a perfect day. I decided to go out on my back porch and enjoy the morning a bit, instead of watching the news like I normally did. My neighbor came over and was freaking out, she told me to turn on the news, we are under attack. That day the world changed forever and I'll never forget those that were lost that day.



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will probably have to be taken down because of idiots who turn it political but I was in front of my TV all morning in an actual state of shock


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29 Palms was a major training area for desert climates overseas.  We would host other nations troops for such training.  We always had some form of British troops there doing ops


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son is 8.  It is just now making its way into his consciousness.  Just really vague mentions about "what happened that day with the planes" and "when the city was burning."  It is a difficult thing to discuss as a parent because of his general lack of understanding as to why anybody would do that anybody else.  I just say we will talk about that when the time is right.


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to my kids when they were about 9. It's really tough the first time you have to explain something that makes no sense, and for kids to learn about evil. They are so innocent. Sad...

Since then they've had a distant acquaintance be the victim of an attempted child abduction and been in a school lock down because a bomb threat in their middle school.

sucks any way you look at it.

Mabel Pines

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For having been younger at the time. Young kids don't analyze the crap out of everything and think of the implications of such an act, like adults do. It was a scary time for a while after, and I'm sure their parents shielded them from all that came after...


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I was on the west coast packing my carry on and getting ready for a 9 am flight from Orange County to Newark when my mom called me in a panic..she was unsure what time my flight was leaving, and the first plane hit. I turned on the TV to see the second one.



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everything shut down. it was 640ish, and I was scurrying around, and the phone rang. Mom said "oh, thank God!! where are you???" She knew I was going there, but not the details of the time. so when I turned on the TV, the second plane was going into the tower. I remember feeling so confused...thinking I can't stop watching, and wtf is going on?? I gotta get to the airport, I'll be late...I can't get on a plane!? Are planes flying? ? anyhow, immediate and intense confusion.
My workgroup (remotely based) was heading to NJ for a 3 day training. My boss was actually ON one of the planes right before it went down, on a red eye from SFO into (Newark or NY?). So, as my boss got off the plane, all those boarding went down in that field in PA.


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Woke up late (probably hungover?) and went outside and was on the phone for about 15 minutes unaware of what was going on.  Went inside, turned on the TV and watched until about 4pm.  Last image I remember before turning off the TV was a looping shot of palestinians dancing in the street.


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Had just started the Business School's (at the time) two year program. Remember walking into the cafeteria and looking up at the stock tickers and wondering why nothing was moving. There was a small old TV in the corner up on a wall with people gathered around and I wandered over to check it out. Went back to my house in the student ghetto and we all watched TV. Had one roommate whose dad regularly worked at WTC (finance guy) and another whose dad was a civilian contractor at the Pentagon. They both heard from their fathers in early afternoon. It was a long morning for them -- it's easy to forget the panic that arose since all the telcom was down. 


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I walked to campus and on the way to the elevator in Lorch I heard someone mention a plane hitting the WTC. I went up to the computer lab and all the news sites were down, so a friend and I went over to the B-school lounge to watch the news on the tv up in the corner.


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I was at school in Olney, Maryland, 15 miles away from downtown DC.  We got sent home early from school and the thing that sticks out most to me is the people at stoplights rolling their windows down and talking about what had happened.  For some reason I can never get that image out of my head.

The Mad Hatter

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I come here to escape from all of the bad shit in the world.  Well, bad shit that isn't directly related to Michigan football.

It's been 14 years.  Let's stop wallowing in it.

The Mad Hatter

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And I feel as bad about it as anyone, but how many years are we going to do this for?  Were people doing this for Pearl Harbor Day in the late 50's?

We as a country really need to move on.  And the best way we can honor the dead would be by repealing the Patriot Act and restoring all of the freedoms we gave up that day.



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specifically to downvote every post you made in this thread. I have been on this blog a while and have never done that before. 

Shame on you for your lack of respect. 

If you are an American, this is On Topic. If you disagree, shut your damn mouth and stay out of the thread. 


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I have not felt any loss of freedom.

I think your attitude is an example of why this country is so messed up. Rather than deal with the past Americans like you want us to forget.

We just had a major controversy over a flag from a conflict that ended 150 years ago. Think about that.

The past is of immense importance. Forfeit is not an option no matter how much you wish it.


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The main one that sticks out is the freedom to go through a security line at the airport without having to take my jacket, belt, and shoes off. But one could argue, that was more a response to the shoe bomber than the 9/11 terrorists. That's a relatively minor loss all things considered.

The other lost freedom is the freedom to not have your phone metadata perused by the government. I agree that's a lost freedom that one would not feel.

Those are my personal lost freedoms. Very minor. But we shouldn't forget the lost freedoms of our military who sacrificed so much (life, limbs, mental health, time with loved ones) so that the rest of our collective inconvenience could be so minor.


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I am actually a little spooked about how relatively little attention this date is receiving this year.  I don't view this particular time with the condition of our foreign relations to be the best time to be comfortable in our own skin.  I very badly hope this day passes without incident.