#77 another #1 Jersey?

Submitted by Bronco Joe on October 2nd, 2010 at 9:24 AM

I know Taylor Lewan has only started one game and those were only non-conference, but if he does turn out to be the real deal over the next four years, maybe Rodriguez could start another new jersey tradition? Lewan asked for #77 when he came into the program because it was Jake Long's. If Lewan ends up being good also, maybe in the future the #77 jersey would be awarded and have to be earned. Seems every coach adds something to the Michigan tradition and this might be a good addition for Coach Rodriguez.



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RR has done this with a couple of guys lately, I wouldn't exactly call it a tradition, but he gives the jersey numbers of guys who've recently been very successful for the maize and blue, like giving Jibreel Black #55. IIRC, JT Turner was given #2 with the understanding that that's consistently been a playmaker on the D for a while. It's not really a tradition like number 1, but the numbers are given out to motivate the kids

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Not to be an ahole, but look at how well that #2 jersey panned out for JT Turner.


And let's also remember that Lewan was oblivious to the significance of #77 during HS. Some kids place a lot of importance in a number. Personally, I could care less. In fact, keeping in line with Lewan's sense of humor, he should have picked 69 and if asked why he chose that number, "Because if you are against me in the trenches, i'll dominate ya up by flipping you over and blowing you away." Of course, he'd say this whil putting his finger up to lip



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But I didn't mean to suggest it as a recruiting tip, just as a motivational tip once the kids get on campus. 


Lewan: UH. YES SIR. YES. 

(Throws 77 at him, both walk away, getting played off by the Coner)

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His dad told him to wear #77 his first season, but Lewan didn't know the significance of the number unitil after that season when his dad said you're wearing that number because it's Jake Long's number, so he did know about the significance before he got here.

From the paper that shall not be named. - "In high school, he's like you got 77, you're going to wear 77 in high school. I said, OK, it's a cool number or whatever. I didn't realize I was wearing that, and he told me after the season, oh, by the way, you're wearing that because of Jake Long. They are big shoes to fill, and I'll do my best."



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before he even showed anything. Not to hate on JT, but he got that jersey based on the expectations of being the number one recruit in Ohio that year. WTF, how could you sizzle and burn like he did??? Anyways, I'm all about traditions, need to uphold 'em, and if you take it upon yourself to do so, THEN DO SO!!!


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People also forget that before Jake Long, there was Jon Jansen...4-year starter on the O-Line culminating with a national championship (and a long, successful NFL career). 77 is already very established, and I like the idea of giving the number to the rock of the OL.


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Seem to create great players. Shaw has finally stepped into that legendary number twenty and J Black will soon realize the power of that fifty five. I would love to see the number one jersey unleashed next year.

Mr. McBlue and…

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Why don't we just reserve every number for every position that has ever been played - that way everyone can have a number from a former player.  That would be a GREAT idea....


(neg away for my dissent if you desire)


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1. So long as Michigan doesn't sell out the idea to every different position group, it wouldn't be hard to award a #77 jersey to the best offensive lineman. Heck, Michigan is known more for its traditionally-great offensive linemen than its traditionally-great wide receivers.

2. It's 1000 times better to award great play with a great number than award great play with marijuana stickers on your helmet.

3. Can we do a similar tradition where we award the worst safety on the team with Stevie Brown's number? /sarcasm


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...Michigan has had so many great players that reserving jerseys much would bump into incredible difficulty...indeed what of Dierdorf, Ford, Harmon, Oosterbaan, Hutchinson, Desmond, Lytle, Woolfolk, Harbaugh...and that's a pretty partial list just from my memory.

Maybe, aside from the #1, you let the new players make new legends for each number.


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Don't forget #7 for QBs (Leach, Henson, Henne, Gardner).

We made an exception for Chris Floyd because, well, would you say no to Floyd?   


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As much as I like the number 77 (it was my number in High School) and applaud the recognition of linemen, I'm not in favor of awarding any jersey but the #1.  It's not that the tradition has officially been going on that long, but #1 represents something bigger at Michigan than any of the others would.  In some ways it is the special number at Michigan.  Adding other numbers to be earned by great players just sort of dilutes the uniqueness of the tradition.