7 years ago today

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on November 17th, 2013 at 1:49 PM

We lost the spirit, the father figure of Michigan Football. Things really haven't been the same since that day. 

Post your best Bo memories and/or pictures.



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Is now having a differing opinion from the masses? I think Bo was an average coach. His record shows success in the Big Ten, but he struggled against other big schools from other conferences. Big Ten in 80's and 90's was 2 teams and. 8 jokes. At least now you can say it is maybe 3-4 good teams.

Sorry if you all live in a past that you have made better then it was. How many National Titles?? Because that is how I rank legends and greatness.


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I Rock Michigan in freaking Ohio and defend my team daily. I wore my gear more during the down years and after tough losses to show how real a fan I am.

Sorry if I don't suck at the teet of Bo like so many others who are stuck in the past. Did he win against a weak Big Ten? Yep. However, I want national titles and he had zero, so that excludes him from great or legend in my book.

Much like those who knocked LeBron being best ever before he got a ring

Too many fans here are content with Big Ten Titles. Guess what win a National Title and the Big Ten Title will come.

Avon Barksdale

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But your "National Championship" argument is extremely misguided and incorrect. In those days, the national champion was a game of politics. Bo never played for a National Championship; his one goal was to win the B1G. Had we played in the 1973 Rose Bowl and won, being undefeated, we would've been the National Champion more than likely - we all know how that turned out.


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Yeah, average my ass. You want to know what's average this year? The big ten without a dominate Michigan team. Not one other school has played well on offense or defense other than Wisconsin. Hopefully this average big ten has no representatives in any BCS bowl games. They sure don't deserve it.

Generic MGoBlogger

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It feels like yesterday... I remember coming home from school with a feeling of elation because of the highly anticipated game vs Ohio the next day and then seeing this on tv... I'm pretty sure I broke out in tears not too long after it settled in. 


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I was at a Run For The Roses rally and pretty excited. He looked at me and said, " If the team plays with that much enthusiasm tomorrow, we'll win, no question."


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I remember sitting in calc 2 my freshman year. A Russian woman named Irena was teaching, and my partner got a text on his phone. One of my most vivid memories, it was 2 days before Ohio game.


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I had breakfast once with Bo, his son Shemy and George Lilja here in Cleveland in the late 90's.  The four of us sat a table and Bo told one funny story about George after another and you could tell there the man cared a lot about his ex-captain.

 He was unbelievably nice to me (a complete outsider) and I did my best to simply shut up and listen to him talk.  It was fantastic.


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I still remember where I was when I heard he was gone. I was on I-75 - on the Rouge River Bridge in SW Detroit - when the announcement was made from Providence Hospital in Southfield. I believe he was supposed to film a segment at Channel 7 when he collapsed. It might have been an hour or so after that when it was announced. I had just left a meeting downtown and was going to pass through Taylor - where I had some project work on which I needed to get design notes - and then head back to Belleville. When I finally got off of I-75 at Northline, I pulled over and just sat in the car in silence. It was a very sad moment. I did lay some flowers by the stadium the next day after work. 


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Inadvertently I wound up telling about 100 people about his passing. I was on a plane landing at Metro and while taxiing I called my father-in- law to let him know my wife and I had arrived. He immediately told me. I told my wife, and within seconds it had passed through 100 suddenly silent passengers.


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When we were good at football. Bo was alive. Coincidence? I don't know. Just wish we were good at football again.

I will say this, though. The Bo worship amongst our fans and administration, while justified for what he meant to the university, has held us back since his passing, maybe even before. We were too dependent on his leadership and iconic presence. His death accelerated our decline, an already decaying program, now with its foundation crumbled. Our collective obsession with the Bo years is part of what has kept us from moving the program forward.


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Or maybe we just didn't plan for Carr's retirement, made an outside hire that didn't work out, and it had nothing to do with Bo at all.

There doesn't always have to be a grand narrative to everything.


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My first experience at The Big House came in 2006 (I reside in upstate, NY). It was 11/4 and we played Ball State. It was a terribly played game by our top 5 wolverines. We managed to stop them on the goal line to win 34-26.

After the game one of my buddies made a B-line for the MDen. My other friend and I decided to hit up a liquor store and then wait for the bus back to the hotel.

As were strolling through the parking lot (about 40 min or so after game) I see a golf cart coming our way. It stops and I realize it's Gary Moeller, Bo Schembeckler

With their respective wives. As Bo was getting to the door of his SUV I said hello and that it was my first trip to Michigan and a life long fan. I asked for a picture but his wife said he wasn't feeling very good, so he instead gave me an autograph and a handshake. Coach Moeller did grant me a picture as well as signing my hat before they got into their vehicles and headed out.

I remember feeling so awesome about that experience. The day he passed I was shocked and thought for sure our boys would rock the buckeyes world. Fuck you Crable, Fuck you.

Bo was the man whether he was a day old or a minute from death the guy did it the way he wanted to. I admire him greatly and am thankful to have met and spoke with him if inly for a minute.