#5 Wrestling storms back for 23-12 win at #15 Arizona St.

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on January 6th, 2019 at 1:28 AM

#5 Michigan traveled within Pac-12 country after beating Oregon State two nights ago 33-8 for a must tougher test.

Michigan took on #15 Arizona State on the road in front of a large crowd. Michigan scored a 21-18 victory over ASU last season in a home meet that played at Novi Detroit Catholic Central. 

ASU jumped out to a 12-0 lead in the dual that included two upsets, one of the shocking variety. 

Jackson Striggow stopped the bleeding and Mason Parris put Michigan within 3 points after just two match victories when he scored a 3rd period pinfall. Stevan Micic's 5 team points proved vital as Michigan had the dual victory locked up before the final match.

It was a match that saw Malik Amine upset ASU's #11 Josh Maruca in an exciting close to a great comeback victory. 

The results-

  • 157: #15 Pagdilao (ASU) def. #3 Alec Pantaleo (U-M), 6-2 decision
  • 165: Shields (ASU) def. #6 Logan Massa (U-M), 7-3 decision
  • 174: #2 Valencia (ASU) def. #3 Myles Amine (U-M), 6-4 decision
  • 184: Petersen (ASU) def. Reese Hughes (U-M), 4-0 decision
  • 197: #18 Jackson Striggow (U-M) def. Harris (ASU), 10-6 decision
  • Hwt: Mason Parris (U-M) def. Daniel (ASU) via pinfall
  • 125: #11 Drew Mattin (U-M) def. Courtney (ASU), 9-7 decision
  • 133: #2 Stevan Micic (U-M) def. #20 Kline (ASU) via tech fall 17-2
  • 141: #6 Kanen Storr (U-M) def. Crooks (ASU), 9-4 decision
  • 149: Malik Amine (U-M) def. #11 Maruca (ASU), 5-3 decision

Sean Bormet remains perfect as a Michigan head coach as the Wolverines are 5-0 (1-0) and will resume B1G play next Saturday in a Crisler Center dual against #19 Illinois.



January 6th, 2019 at 2:03 AM ^

What's fascinating is that in the top 25 teams, 4 of the top 5 are from the Big 10. Michigan is actually behind PSU, OSU, and Iowa. And 10 Big 10 teams (including Rutgers!) are in the top 25 list.


January 6th, 2019 at 8:53 AM ^

ASU 165 Josh Shields is ranked #11 in the country, I assume that was the “more shocking” upset, however Massa still just has not been the same since the the 2017 CKLV invite. 

And for the love of God you don’t play wrestling. I’m not the grammar police, but in the Wrestling community saying “play Wrestling” or “players” etc is the equivalent of saying baseball players hit a touchdown. Just trying to help you out. You don’t play wrestling you wrestle, they are wrestlers not players. Thank you for the update, hopefully Lewan gets healthy and Pantaleo slides in at 149 going forward


January 6th, 2019 at 10:17 AM ^

He didnt say that though.  I wrestled in h.s., and "Big 10 play" is obviously referring to intra-conference completion as a generality.

I had to scroll through the post like 5 times to even recognize what you were talking about.  I'd bet a nickel that the OP has never said, and will never say, either "play wrestling" or "wrestling players" in his entire life.


January 6th, 2019 at 3:12 PM ^

Agree on Massa. Is the CKLV where he was injured? I wonder if the injury is still holding him back or if he's just hit his peak (which equaled a 3rd place finish at NCAAs two years ago) while his peers have passed him up developmentally. Probably a combination of the two, which is unfortunate. I was really hoping to see him compete with Vincenzo Joseph last year and this year. 

On a separate note, I saw that Cam Amine bumped up to 160 lbs (from 152 lbs) and beat Alex Facundo in the finals at the Detroit Catholic Central tournament yesterday. Terrific match decided in the UTB with a couple very close calls that could have swung it to Facundo. For those that don't know, Cam Amine is a senior at Catholic Central who is committed to UM and expected to wrestle at 165lbs. He's ranked #2 at his weight nationally. Facundo is from Davison HS and is (was) ranked #1 in his weight nationally. Facundo is only a sophomore so he's quite the talent (he also took bronze at the world championships last year). These two wrestled in the state finals last year (where Facundo won) and will likely get the rubber match there again this year if they stay at the same weight. Hoping that Facundo decides to wrestle for the good guys once he graduates. 

The Claw

January 6th, 2019 at 6:12 PM ^

Also agree on Massa. His first 2 years, he went out there with reckless abandon and willed himself to wins over just about everyone. It was nice to watch. But since that injury, he’s regressed some. He had his surgery so I don’t think he’d say it was holding back. What is, is bottom wrestling. He has no first move and to me doesn’t go with enough urgency. Wick from Wisconsin beats him on bottom. Shields rode him for a whole period. That’s why he’s getting beat.

I’m also worried about Pantaleo for the same reason. As big, strong and quick he is, I just don’t understand it. He should be out every time. But at Midlands he got rode and dropped 2 matches, then got rode again at ASU.  

Bottom wrestling is a program problem. I think they all need more work. They get it cleaned up and they’ll be that much better.

great program but needs some refinement and coaching up. And the guys have to want it. Or they’ll end up getting beat in the blood round or before and not AA. 



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Wrestling is the most difficult sport, IMO, have to be disciplined all the time. No celebration pizza, or drinks. Have to make weight. Great for UM. Beat Iowa!!!


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Which was of the shocking variety?  Amine’s upset was hardly shocking, he has been a good wrestler.  The two ASU upsets were far more shocking.  Glad they won, but this was a disappointing meet for the maize and blue.


January 6th, 2019 at 3:19 PM ^

Pretty sure he was referring to one of the two wins for ASU at 157 and 165. However, I disagree that either of those are "shocking" given ASU had ranked wrestlers competing at both of those weights. At 157, Pantaleo just recently came back from a bout with mono, so not a huge surprise to see him lose to a ranked wrestler. At 165, Massa is pretty clearly overrated this year so that wasn't a surprise either. 


January 6th, 2019 at 4:03 PM ^

I’m not sure how many of you actually follow wrestling, but Mason Paris is going to be a very special wrestler. He’s from the same area that I grew up in, and I’ve followed his career. He was a three time state champion, and his only loss was in the state finals of his freshman year. After that loss, he won three consecutive state championships, without a single point being scored on him. Let that sink in for a bit. 


January 6th, 2019 at 5:56 PM ^

Yes, he should have a great career at UM and beyond. A couple things going against him though as far as being a national champion at some point in his career: 1) He's pretty small for the 285 lbs weight class, and 2) Gable Stevenson from Minnesota is also a true Freshman. Stevenson appears to be a once in a generation type talent at 285 so it will be very tough for Mason to beat him. Kind of like Coon and Snyder the past couple years. Too bad the NCAA doesn't have a 220 lbs class. Mason would dominate that class.