5-Star recruit KJ Henry trying to get his dad a job

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I guess you can hate the game, but not the player



“Out of my five schools, if my dad were to end up anywhere, obviously that’s what he loves to do and he is part of my family and I like all five schools enough to where that could be a big decision coming forward. It’s nothing where it is an analyst type deal or anything like that, but if he could go in and coach that would be big.

“At the same time, we have already talked about that. He is not pressuring me like if he were to get a job he’s letting every coach know that doesn’t ensure that I’m committing there. It’s still my decision, but it is definitely something I think about.”



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For what it's worth, I had dinner with KJ Henry about 4 weeks ago.  KJ's girlfriend is best friends with my buddy's daughter.  He came over and ate with everyone on a Saturday night.  Super kid.  Impressive.  Social skills on point and is a young man that I would gladly allow to date my daughers.  He did say that Clemson was his favorite school growing up (favorite color is purple and that's why he chose them to be his favorite) and that his best official visit was Clemson.  This info mirrors all 247's CB predictions.


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Kid trying to help his family? Struggling to get my outrage muscles warmed up for this one. I love the transparency, too. The whole process would be improved if every recruit looking for some kind of quid pro quo could just put that on the table.


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Why are you shitting in front of old white men?  Ummm...were there other old men but just the white one was offended?  Were there men of varying ages but only the old white one was offended?  Who else was present at the time of the shitting?  So many questions! Do you often go from 0 to 100 instantly?


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it does seem like an additional benefit, and I'm not sure how to weigh that. It's already happening and not being challenged, so there's that. For me it points to the fact that college football isn't terribly fair to begin with--Michigan has a lot of resources to bring to bear, including the offer of a great education, and like other schools it uses them.