5 Star RB Leonard Fournette to officially visit Michigan ($)

Submitted by Michigan Eaglet on June 7th, 2013 at 11:33 PM


Per Rivals$


It looks like our coaching staff, with the help of Peppers, was able to convince the best running back in the nation and top player overall to some sites to use an official to visit in the fall. The general consesus is that this is an LSU and Alabama fight for the New Orleans native, but with the extremely positive trend we've been seeing in recruiting and how great our campus visits have been, anything is possible once you get a player on campus.




June 8th, 2013 at 12:45 PM ^

This coaching staff is doing un real things. When rich rod was fired I actually didn't want Hoke. I didn't want him because I never heard of him. Man am I happy Hoke is here. I give this team 3 more years before they are a national contender


June 8th, 2013 at 8:31 PM ^

F that.  Top teams go on the road and win.  Alabama is favored by 20+ points in all their games in the early lines.  I am not saying we're at Alabama level but if we are a premier program playing on the road against rivals should not be something to whine about.  If UM is back to what it once was MSU will be a "tough game on the road that is a rivalry that we win 8 out of 10 years anyhow".  ND is gone soon and OSU should be the main game every year and the rest should be a massive disappointment to lose to.  That includes sanctioned PSU and "up and coming" Northwestern.  Yes I know even in our days of lore we'd drop a bomb against a no name team every year but lets stop whining about the schedule and deal with it.


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The only other highlight films I have ever seen that come close to the "WOW" factor are Jabrill Peppers and Derrick Green - I think the exposure from his visit will be great for the program but I would be amaized if he actually commits.


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You know guys for all of you that get pissed and rant and chastise trolls... its really simple.  Don't respond or acknowledge anything.  Don't comment back.  Just don't feed the troll.


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If Hoke is able to pull this kid........Dear God. When was the last time Michigan got an elite 5 star player from the Deep South......if ever. Still a long shot but if Hand and some others commit he might feel the momentum and really consider us.


June 8th, 2013 at 4:16 PM ^

Well, I don't know if you consider Virginia "deep south," but we got Derrick Green last year.

Anthony Thomas was from Louisiana, but I don't think they really had star ratings back in 1997.   Denard, from Florida, proved himself an elite talent once he got to campus--but was "just" a 4-star to the recruiting sites.  McGuffie was from Texas; I don't really think of him as an elite player but he was a 5-star recruit.  Carlos Brown was from Florida.


June 8th, 2013 at 5:28 PM ^

I'm speaking of Alabama, Louisiana, Miss, Georgia, Arkansas. States where the SEC has a gridlock on elite talent.

I would not factor in South Florida, Texas, or Virginia. Plenty of players from those states go play outside of the SEC.


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Peppers with Fournette and Hand would make this class look Kentucky Basketball "ish".  I'm not sure what Hoke is hope to but no complaints here! 


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Maybe I read it wrong, but to me it says he is interested and if he visits it will be an official visit. I don't think he is confirming that one of his visits will be to Michigan. At least not yet.