5-Star OL Braden Smith visiting soon

Submitted by AnthonyThomas on March 6th, 2013 at 12:11 PM

Jeez, the board is slacking on recruiting these days. Smith is from Olathe, KS. He's a 5-star to Scout and also will be to Rivals eventually (he's currently ranked #19 overall). 


Another big timer slated to drop in for a #Michigan spring practice... Olathe (KS) South OT Braden Smith slated to vist the 19th or 20th.



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I'll never understand how men who are so motivated to advance themselves in one facet of life (career) can be so unmotivated to take care of themselves in another (weight/health).  Hit the goddamn gym like your players to whom you pontificate speed, strength and good health you hypocrytical pair of disgusting piles of roly poly goo.  /boggle


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Mangino used to have a sideline fan in his office at KU to keep him cool in the summer. I guess the body's normal mechanism (sweating) didn't cut it and he needed further support to regulate his body temp.

.....can you imagine trying to have a conversation with him while that thing was running?


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As a frequent reader (and not so frequent poster) - I actually like having the grammar Nazis policing the posts. It makes people double-check their posts and reading through comments is more enjoyable. And its a michigan blog - obviously the standard for commenting should be higher than a board that looks like it was published with tweets.


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Everyone should think twice about hitting "save" here.  

With that said, people need to check their inner asshole at the log in page.  Telling the dude to take remedial English because he butchered a couple of words is unnecessary.



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I'd lay much of the blame associated with the proliferation of horrible grammar on massively multi-player online games, where kids and foreigners learn how to spell from other gaming illiterates in the chat channels. 

There are several examples, but to me the most annoying MMPORG inspired mistake is: "definAtely."  I played World of Warcraft a while and found "definitely" misspelled that way about 85% of the time.  I must be an angry man, but every time I saw "definAtely", I wanted to knock teeth out through my computer screen.

Other annoyance level 10 favorites include:

There are so many tards misspelling "there/their/they're", that they're driving me effing crazy with their constant errors.

The effect of "effect/affect" being reversed, is that it affects me adversely.

When I  see tards bungle "you're/your" I want to scream "You're driving me crazy with your horrible illiteracy!  Die in a cold fire!"




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It seems strange and awesome to have so many top, top flight players on campus this early. We're already planning to host (or have hosted) the #1, #2, #12 (Hood) and #19 overall prospects who are all out-of-staters plus George Campbell who is probably/maybe the #1 WR in 2015. Very nice


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I also recall Steve Lorenz mentioning in a thread last week that Smith has legitimate interest in Michigan. This news only confirms/bolsters that statement. 


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Hopefully he will be a worthy successor and can block as well as his namesake Vincent Smith who will be graduating this year.






March 6th, 2013 at 12:32 PM ^

More angry road graders?  Yes please.

While we're still dealing with the hangover of the RR line recruiting, my God we are hopefully going to have an obscene offensive line for years and years to come.