5 star meltdown

Submitted by Ziff72 on November 13th, 2010 at 10:09 PM

It's been said before, but the Texas and Florida meltdowns this year just shock me week after week.   As bad as our defense has been I at least can see the reasons for the problems.  What do the Florida and Texas fans reconcile themselves with when they look at their offenses?   

I guess teamwork and chemistry do matter.

Are we still talking to Christian Westerman?  "Son don't you want to come to a stable program like the 1 here in Ann Arbor instead of the rebuilding project in Austin?"  

The craziness of football this year highlights why you have to savor every win no matter how it looks. 



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I think you're seeing the effects of not having the right players in the right positions taking its effect.

Losing Colt and Tebow are killing both team's offenses this year and probably from a leadership aspect as well.


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This is what's great about college football, in my opinion.  The ebb and flow. Florida had Tebow, which was a boon for 3-4 years but directly hampered their recruiting in the long run.  They could have had Denard and/or Cam Newton at QB this year.  Cam left because he would have been stuck behind Tebow and he was too good to sit out for 2-3 years.  Denard declined because they wanted to make him a WR (right?) - they were too stacked at QB to even let him try.

You can't continuously bring in top 4-5 star guys.  More than anything, players want playing time so they can showcase themselves for the NFL.  I think Florida and Texas are feeling the effects of this. And I think Alabama is reaching a critical mass, too (see Dee Hart - he would have been buried on the depth chart there - he could play as a Freshman at Michigan).


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There is something very satisfying about watching both of these teams getting rolled at home, especially every time they show urban all pissed-off, tossing his headset.


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Why is it satisfying to see Texas struggle? Mack Brown is probably the classiest coach at a major program int he country, and Michigan and Texas don't really have much in the way of a rivalry. Texas is a strong football school steeped in tradition, and right behind us in all times wins. I think MI and TX have a lot more in common than they do that differentiates them. Also, best 2 unis in CFB!


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the part about the unis. Texas burnt orange is really hard to look at. I went to the Michigan-Vince Young Rose Bowl and was expecting to hate all the Texas fans, but they were pretty decent.  More like us than osu fans.


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Texas's offensive philosophy is "if we make the defense defend side to side on bubble screens they'll get tired."  Their best play is "have our slow 6'6 QB run." 

Andre Dubose returned the opening kick for a touchdown and then didn't touch the ball for 3 quarters. 

I'm not saying it's all coaching, but, man, Addazio and Greg Davis are looking pretty damn shaky.


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The problem with Florida is that they were pretty average on offense for years, but Tebow hid those deficiencies by being gritty and the defense playing well.  This year, they have an MNC-level defense but all those faults on offense still exist as well.  I will enjoy any pain inflicted on Gators until Meyer is gone - just a sanctimonous douche.

Super J

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Lets not forget Tebow had Hernandez, Harvin, Murphy, Cooper and the good Pouncey at center.  Demps is good.  Rainey is still feeling effects from stalking. This Poucey is in the wrong position.  And the OC doesn't seem to know the play book.  And no fullback playing QB equals must see TV.


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This weekend was easily Florida's biggest recruiting weekend of the year. Some names of note: CA WR George Farmer, FL WR Sammy Watkins, FL DE Aaron Lynch, CA LB/DE Jason Gibson, FL OL Jordan Prestwood, GA LB AJ Johnson, FL RB Mike Blakely, FL CB Nick Waisome, FL WR Javares McRoy, FL LB Ryan Shazier (maybe?), FL S Wayne Lyons (maybe?), and a boatload of 2012/2013 talent


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Now being a UT student I find it sort of funny how much people hate Texas.  Obviously there's rivalry/hate for the team and all that which is fine, but I think it's pretty hard to attack its fan base.  Most of the students and fans I know here are pretty nice and realistic about the team and how poor they're doing.  

Florida has been, and always will be, much easier to hate imo.

(This isn't meant to be a direct reply to OP, just a general comment about some other comments in the thread)

Born Blue

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Florida first: Cam Newton was NOT JUST a recruit, but was on the TEAM at Florida, but Tebow and a willingness to give the nod to legacy player John Brantley, and, well, you have what you have; as for Tebow, he left, yes, but so did a number of highly touted offensive players who are now in the nfl, result, 5-star recruits do not guarantee wins.

Texas: By all indications, even those made public by Mack Brown himself, these players have entered into the fray with entitlement on their minds, meaning, "We are Texas, if we show up, we will win."  And...let the record show, not so much.  These are young kids most of whom have been on winning teams all of their lives, many of them standout performers...for years, but that was then, and this is now, and everything must be proven at each and every level of competition.

All programs have cycles, down periods are not necessarily due to poor talent, young talent, or even poor coaching, but timing, chemistry, individual work ethic, etc., etc., etc.

So, rather than revel or gloat in the 'sudden' mediocrity of these to programs, I choose to revel in the rise of chemistry, individual work ethic, timing, mutual support and bonding which our squad not only has, but is evident on every play!  Go Blue,...for years to come!