5 Star LB to visit Michigan?

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on November 20th, 2015 at 2:02 PM

The link: http://www.diehardsport.com/college-football/michigan/five-star-lb-ben-… 

Pretty much says it all. Five star LB Ben Davis cancelled a visit to Ole Miss and says he's likely replacing with trips to Michigan or Notre Dame. Based on our depth chart, this would be a wise move. 

His top schools are all SEC and he's from Alabama but there were flattering quotes about Harbaugh and Wheatley.

Prob nothing to get excited about unless he does in fact visit





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no doubt, this kids an impressive athlete (especially if hes actually 6'4" 240 lb or whatever hes listed), hed be a massive signing (and at huge area of need).  obviously depends on where he signs and how his body develops, but this dude could be impact player at LB or DE.

hed look great in a winged helmet and certainly has the tools to make early impact as situational pass rusher.   unfortunately these type hyped athletes from the south rarely leave that footprint to play ball so its prob huge long shot (though its never a bad thing getting them on campus)


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From the link:
Davis, an Alabama native, is a big fan of Jim Harbaugh and RB coach Tyrone Wheatley. Here’s what he told Donohue:
“Coach [Jim] Harbaugh has been in the NFL and I think he’s a great leader. I know [running backs coach] Tyrone Wheatley really well too,” Davis said.
The five-star says he also has heard good things about the Wolverines from Michigan targets Rashan Gary, Kareem Walker and Devin Bush.


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Webb discussed Ben Davis this morning.  Said not to get excited.  His father is an Alabama all-time great linebacker and he is all but an SEC (if not Alabama) lock. 

Mr Miggle

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If Ole' Miss buys a 5* Bama legacy out of Alabama, there will be hell to pay. They can't be that dumb.

This reminds me a lot of Leonard Fournette last year. He said some nice things about Michigan, talked about visiting, but everyone knew he was going to LSU. He was just enjoying the process.


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youre kidding right?  ever been to the grove and partied in oxford?  

hed not just be enjoying football, cool drinks and southern women like the average joe, hed have the red carpet rolled out for him and enjoy an all expenses paid fairly exclusive college experience.

those in a position to enjoy official visits would be foolish to pass on the opportunity - if you already know where you want to go, then pick out 5 places youd love to visit or 5 great games youd like to watch


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I have a buddy who played D-1 football who said he took every recruiting trip he could because it's a once in a lifetime experience and even if you don't go to a school, you still have seen it and met the staff, etc.

Can't blame a kid for wanting to see either MICHIGAN or noter dame sucks just based on the tradition of the programs.


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I am rolling out a new recruiting pitch on twitter. It's going to send out 20 compliments of Michigan athletics and academics every week, and 20 disses against Michigan rivals every week.

I have the messages coming from 4 different twitter accounts, so it doesn't look like one crazy fan.

Over the years, I've learned how to master recruiting via twitter. 

Can't wait to add Ben Davis to the list!





PSA - Never use social media to interact with high school kids. Thank You. 


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I figure we are never getting these guys, so when they don't come, it's never a disappointment. It's just an opportunity. Truth is, the list of kids who had interest but never came to Michigan would be long and prestigous. But at the same time, you only want the kids who want to be part of your program.

And I can illustrate that point by noting that two walk-on players in this week's matchup have made a huge difference in the defense for Michigan and Penn State, Ryan Glasgow and Nassib, a Nugurski finalist, and potential award winner, came to their respective schools with only the intent of making the team. And now they have distinguished themselves and their school by incredible passion, will and desire to represent their school and their family. Great stories which show that scholarship evaluation doesn't cover all bases or the content of all character.


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Maybe, but they're actual Asian exchange students here, couldn't care less about football or football players, and are too busy setting the curve in every math class you'll take. Not a recruiting tool lol.

Bless you, U of M Asian girls. An in-depth knowledge of StarCraft, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a love of economics never served me better. Sometimes I miss college.