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If I was Harbaugh, and I understood how the media works, and I wanted to create tremendous positive buzz at a critical time in the cycle, and where there is little other sporting news to discussI would plan it exactly like this.  After the first commitment on Wednesday, the story will take on a life of its own.  It's not just about each new recruit that signs up, but about the "streak," and the huge week UM is having with top recruits.  In the end, you get more bang this way than you would have from the collective sum of the parts. 

The only mystery is Saturday...wonder if that sport (a premium spot) is being left open for a certain prospect committed elsewhere.


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I think it's Tarik Black (Wed) D. Peoples-Jones(Thu) I. Wilson (Fri) C. Ruiz (Sun). But I sense this is setting up to be an epic week and orchestrated by the good guys.

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Ace... better get to typing!


Tarik Black –  4* WR - Wed. Dec 14th

Donovan Peoples-Jones – 5* WR - Thurs. Dec 15th

Isiah Wilson – 5* OT - Fri. Dec. 16th

Caesar Ruiz –  4.5* C - Sun. Dec 18th

Jordan Anthony – 4* OLB - Thurs. Dec 22nd



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Good Lord. Wilson is 6-7" 350lbs as a high school senior? I know it's often the case that Freshman O-Linemen need a year to gain weight until they are ready to play at the college level, but that certainly doesn't seem the case here.  Think he would be a plug and play as a true freshman?


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That's what the coaching staff is partly selling him on. Heard a lot of word out there that the coaching staff thinks he could make the rotation next year - not telling him he will be a starter but that he will be in the mix competing for a starter position with a good shot at being a starter. Even if he doesn't start next season, to get a guy of his caliber only helps for next season's depth at worst - OL injuries happen all too often.


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Yes, I remember him saying that as well. I sort of forgot about that. I'd tend to go along with this assessment if true just because technique is so important with success as an OL. Biggest reason Cole was a decent starter as a true freshman while higher rated guys like Kyle Kalis struggled to see the field right away despite all of the potential and strength he had.

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IIRC, Ace's fingers almost fell off during that commitment cascade in February 2012. I think Michigan had 13 commitments by the end of February 2012 for their 2013 class. That is what a win over OSU did for Hoke. Imagine what it would do for Harbaugh?

I think Kugler was the last of them, and you can tell by Ace's Hello post