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1. Zeppelin avatar was much better.

2. Is it just me or do we have at least 4-5 guys that are high on Michigan in the Spring that are considered 5 stars, but when the official rankings come out they are low 4 stars, leading to the 8,579th star debate on this blog.


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A while back when he was initially offered his dad mentioned that the kid liked snow..

He's definitely interested. Although the level of interest is hard to pinpoint, I doubt he'd be coming to the spring game if there was no interest. Still a longshot though.. look at his offer list


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The Freep and Ethics
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Well, the news became "official" on WTKA this morning. As broken by TOB on the MM chat last night, the freep lied to Demer Dorsey about the intent of their story by telling him they were going to write a "redemption" story, but lied and chose instead to use his interview as part of yet another installment of their fusilade of Phillipics against the University of Michigan.

As they should be, the Dorsey family and Dorsey's HS coach are extremely upset by this utter lack of ethics on the part of the freep. According to TOB and TKA, The Wolverine tried to contact Dorsey to give him a chance to air his side of the story, and his HS coach said that his family is so upset with the Freep won't allow him to talk to any more reporters.

I truly hope that the Dorsey family reads the UM sports blogs and decides to give somebody, anybody, an interview. If they peruse the main blogs, they will definitely see that most of the UM blogoshpere is almost as angry with the freep as they are. Hopefully, they will sort through the blogs and decide to contact whichever one they decide will treat them fairly. We all know three or four blogs who could do a wonderful interview with Dorsey.

In a move that is woefully deficient in even Journalism 101 ethics or professionalism, the freep has chosen to lie to a HS student and use their media as a bully pulpit for their anti-RR, anti-UM agenda. Apparently, the freep cares nothing about the effects of their lies and malicious intent upon an 18 year-old trying to better himself or the family that is trying to support his goals.

The freep is a pile of toxic waste. It should be isolated, neutralized, quarantined, and buried so deep that Jimmy Hoffa will turn up before it is ever seen again. They lie, they cheat, they maliciously attack those to whom they are supposed to show objectivity, and they do it all for personal reasons. Inexplicably, their overwhelmed and intellectually overmatched editor continues to allow the freep to make a mockery of the journalstic standards they are sworn to uphold.

I can only hope that the freep either mercy-kills itself or visits Dr Kevorkian. It obviously won't be around in another year or two, anyway, but someone needs to step in and minimize the damage they are doing to the innocent citizens they abuse in the name of "reporting."

If there is anyone here who doesn't boycott the freep, please start. And please tell all of your friends who are UM fans to do the same. Even if you want to make your opinion heard, don't do it there. First of all, they don't care what you think. Secondly, each time you click on anything they write it makes them money, either directly or indirectly.

The final and most important reason for boycotting the freep: you will be smarter for not having read it.

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In a stunning development, the corpse of Jimmy Hoffa clawed its way to the surface of a Detroit-area landfill late Tuesday night in full view of a group of horrified workers. While Hoffa's corpse was having difficulty in communicating due to the fact that its tongue and larnyx had long since rotted away, it was able to use sign language and the Sharpie it still had in its coat pocket to confirm that it was disturbed from its long slumber by a load of recently recycled copies of the Detroit Free Press that had been dumped on top of it. Apparently, the close proximity to columns by Drew Sharp and Michael Rosenberg had been too much for the stinking corpse to bear, prompting its frantic climb to fresh air.

(sorry, I know this is as OT to the Westerman item as the cut'n'paste from TOB that prompted it; I just couldn't resist... go ahead and neg as appropriate.)


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It is my opinion that a zombie corpse would make an effective down lineman. Having the undead populate the offensive line would instill fear into opposing defenses. Intimidation is a great psychological weapon. If an opponent is afraid that the guy in front of him plans to open his skull and eat his brains for lunch, then I say the battle is mostly won. Another aspect of zombie blockers that should not be overlooked is the smell. Hoffa might drive defenders five yards off the ball with the overwhelming odor of his rotting flesh.
Rivals only has him listed as a 2* OL but that has mostly to do with the fact that he only weighs 109 lbs. I think they are focusing to much on his lack of size and terrible pad level and not really giving enough credit to his off the chart intangables.


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attention to star ratings, but it seems like everytime we're in on a 5* kid in the spring, he magically turns into a 4* by signing day, and maybe there's been some 4* who only turned out to be 3*. Can we maybe hold off with the stars until after their senior years?