5 Florida players possibly in trouble

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Just heard from a friend who is a BIG Florida Gator fan that 5 players involved in potential credit card fraud...one of them might be Callaway. Apparently bought iwatches and then tried to report their cards stolen.



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I know everyone says they want to see a team at their best, but I want wins more.

Also, why does it seem that so many SEC schools have players who do stupid shit. I'm thankful Michigan rarely has player problems.


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Link to rumor:




"Damn... Callaway, Zaire, and 3 starters on defense racked up 150k on 3 different females credit cards. 
Unbelievably dumb. There goes our season"

"New From Gator Country:

I can't say who gave me the info, but I am going to give the Reader's Digest version.

1. No criminal charges will be filed. This is purely a University issue and the involved players have been notified.

2. One player has to make restitution or will be kicked out...True Freshman.

3. One starter may be gone completely. He was asked to move his stuff out of his apartment by the parents of a current player. You make the guess.

4. The university knew about this and kept it in-house until someone posted it on some internet page."


"It's about to get bad. One of the girls is now seeking criminal charges against Malik and Antonio.

CBS sports is working on a story right now per my sources inside the program"



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Word now out is that this incident happened over the summer, involved three players scamming the school for ~$1500, UF knew about since then and did not make public, was handled internally and will probably not involve any suspensions (up to their coach, who said they were cleared to play). Curious form of discipline they have done there.


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"1. No criminal charges will be filed. This is purely a University issue and the involved players have been notified. 4. The university knew about this and kept it in-house until someone posted it on some internet page."

For everyone in the Grant Perry thread clutching their pearls and wondering what makes Michigan different from SEC schools now that we reinstated Perry, well, there's your answer.


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but it always seems like Michigan players individually get themselves into trouble. We rarely see an entire group of guys get themselves into trouble at once. There's over a hundred guys on the team. At least one is bound to do something stupid here and there, but having entire groups of guys all commit credit card fraud speaks to a bad culture. 

I'm also a fan of Texas A&M, and we had groups of guys commit armed robbery and were all kicked off the team. When have a group of Michigan players ever done something like that?


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The situation wasn't that clearcut. The part that potentially was illegal was that the ultimate source of the funds was Martin's illegal numbers operation. Part of the purpose of the scheme for Martin was essentially to launder money as some of the money was to be repaid once they were pros. While the players clearly knew they were breaking NCAA rules, the extent to which they were aware or knowing participants in the money laundering part isn't clear. And much of the money was never repaid.None of them were held directly accountible for that, but it was certainly a focus of the FBI investigation.


And then the other criminal part was the potential obstruction of justice and lying to a grand jury. Webber was charged with both but the case effectively ended when Martin unexpectedly died. Believe that Webber was the only one ever convicted of anything from the players, which was just contempt of court of some such thing.


Almost certainly, there was some evasion of income taxes, that's pretty clear. No idea whether they had to pay $$$ later, I don't recall, but no one was ever charged with that either. 


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It was the convenience store over by the backroom on Church. If I recall, (it's been a long time), they had a rental house over by Pizza House right there their senior year. Knew the clerk and were celebs of a sort obviously. He agreed to let them take beer on the regular and just walk out. Wasn't just them, there were plenty of other bball and football players doing it too. Anyway, store owner or manager or whatever got suspicious and looked at the tapes and they got busted. Believe that a few other athletes were charged too-- Chris Fields, Remy Hamilton and maybe a few others. 


Not gonna try to excuse it, it was wrong, but I would say that was more just college kid type bullshit for free beer. Versus outright large scale theft like in this Florida rumor. But yeah, around 94 or so was probably a low point for some of the character of people around Michigan athletics. The Bball stuff but also Moeller's last few recruiting classes too. 

Blue from Ohio

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I really don't think it matters either way.  If they lose the key players, fine.  If they don't lose the key players, that's fine too, as I truly believe we're going to kick their ass either way.  Watching the BTN piece yesterday just confirmed that for me.  The most crucial spot in football is QB and ours is returning, and if he does get surpassed for the starting job, then that guy is going to be phenomenal.  Not to mention a very hungry, young, aggressive defense, looking to embarrass their opponents, and in Don Brown's words, "dictate" what is going to happen.  I didn't think Florida had the coaching or players to play with us to begin with, so if they do lose some, I think it will be even more of a whooping.


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stupid shit, while not excusable of course, seems perhaps to be less stupid than say conspiring amongst several folks to defraud a business. It's bad of course, but just, different if you're drunk and not in your right mind.

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Grant Perry sat out three or four games, including a bowl game, and missed the trip to Rome. And he went through the whole legal process. After all of that I believe that he was rightly reinstated and doubtless it is a "next time you're gone" situation. My guess the dilemma at Florida is not "How do we properly punish these guys" but "How do we make it look like we're concerned and give them a wrist-slap and yet still have them on the field for Michigan."