5* Elijah Hood initial visit reaction

Submitted by snakedog on February 24th, 2013 at 10:59 AM
Elijah Hood (Rivals 5*), who was originally thought to be a sure bet to Notre Dame, per the twitter world: "I loved Michigan that was #eyeopening." Later... "I am so high on them I'd put them at #1 but I need to relax a few days and see if I feel the same way."



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ND was probably the worst team to ever make it to the national championship game. Their season was full of luck and teams beating themselves. They almost lost to a couple awful teams too. I am not saying they weren't good, but they were in no way good enough to be in that game. But, sometimes that's just how it works out, unfortunately.


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In I think it was 1986, beat Bo's worst team ever to win the "National Championship"

There's your weakest team ever, IMO. (Pre BCS so technically it wasn't the national championship game... It still pisses me off though.)

Jack Daniels

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We have all the momentum in his recruitment right now. If we could get him to visit one more time before he makes his decision, I like our chances...I mean, ND has been on this guy forever, and the staff offered him in January...just goes to show how much work they've put in so that we have become #1 in so little time.


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Kidding aside, I really wish he comes to AA. Imagine our monstrous OL with monstrous RBs and super monstrous QBs throwing deep bombers at any given second.

True Blue Grit

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it'll be interesting to see where he stands early next week after all the visits.  It must be easy for recruits to get hyped up after a great visit weekend.  But, it sounds like at a minimum, Michigan improved their standing with him.  And that will give us a solid chance to get his commitment down the road.  


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UM rose into contention.  He is visiting OSU today (too bad he won't stay in AA for the Bball game) and I bet every school he visits rises in contention.

At least we've advanced to the finals of Hood's beauty pageant.

Michigan Eaglet

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This is awesome news. The fact that this is coming on the heels of him visiting his supposed favorite that day before and us previously being tied for 5th and then moved up to 4th is encouraging to say the least. I won't get too excited yet, but this is definitely some positive news.


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Meyer will try to sleaze talk him but the best situation for a 5* RB is UM or ND given the style of play and O-line to run behind.  It will come down to UM and ND.  I like our chances with our O-line haul of the previous few years, but ND has been on him longer.  Going to be a close race. 


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He's not a fit for the Spread Urban wants to run, so I think that puts ND and UM to the forefront...and even ND's version of the spread might be a detraction from their appeal.


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Boom Herron is 215 lbs.

Carlos Hyde is 232

Brionte Dunn is at least 220, might be more after S&C.

I know Meyer only "recruited" Dunn--sort of since he was locking up rather than seeking--however, they offered a guy that was as low as 175 (which they didn't recruit very hard) up to a guy that was about 250lbs.  

I think it's safe to say they recruit quick playmakers on the outside and at QB, and a bruiser at RB.  

Reference: http://ohiostate.rivals.com/quicklist.asp?Position=8&sport=1&school=56

EDIT: sorry kevbo, didn't mean to refute anything you said, just thought it was the easiest way to get the info/post out there in a neat manner.  


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It is all good, and I agree with you. I feel that Urban is bringing in one bruiser to compliment the speed he is bringing in on the edge. OSU fans are really big on Ezekiel Elliot, who is part of this past recruiting class, and was recruited as the sole stereotypical running back for this past class. They also brought in Dontre Wilson who is more of the speedy, edge guy. The Bucks are going to have a deep stable of backs with Hyde coming back, in addition to Jordan Hall coming back from his medical redshirt year as their senior leaders. They will also have Rod Smith who saw time in the backfield and on kick returns, but also fits the mold of a bruiser type RB and will be a junior. Throw in Bri'onte Dunn (soph) and Warren Ball (rs frosh) to go along with Elliot and Wilson, the Bucks have a lot of options, with a mix of bruisers and speed backs. With that said, I hope Green doesn't come back to haunt the Bucks as he grew up a fan of OSU and wears 27 to represent his idol, Eddie George...


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I was curious to see that Hood's visit to UM went so well. Not knocking UM or AA, but everything that I have read had him as a strong ND lean, so much so, that I thought he was a near lock to them. Do you think your signing of Green would push him away from UM?