5* Derrick Green to make his decision "soon" per his twitter

Submitted by not TOM BRADY on November 26th, 2012 at 5:34 PM

“@diezel75_: When you plan on making that decision bro @brookyln_boii27 ?” Soon

— D.GREEN #⃣2⃣7⃣ (@BrOoKyLn_boii27) November 26, 2012
I wonder how soon. If this could be a reaction towards the coaches picking up the recruitment on Isaac and also the recent firings. But this still doesnt entail a commitment to Michigan.  
Spare me on the formating, I suck at this. 



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Yes, but I chose to believe he was leaning Michigan soon. Now he may do something way off of what I'm expecting, but it doesn't sound like it. 

I'm so tired of people getting attacked on this board for even suggesting something that might be true. This is supposed to be a place people can enjoy themselves around other Michigan fans, not get attacked for an opinion. But, I'm an idealist, and I realize I'll fight a losing battle for the rest of my life.


November 26th, 2012 at 6:56 PM ^

People rarely get attacked for an opinion when they make it clear it's just an opinion.  The problem is, people pose their opionions as facts, and way too often.

There's a difference between saying "Derrick Green is a Michigan lean" and "Based on his recent tweets, I bet Derrick Green is a Michigan lean."  Too many people say the first, when they really mean the second.  You won't get attached for the second statement.  People might reply with a counter argument, or ask you to tell why you think that, but they aren't going to attack you.


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But you can't base Green's recruitment on how others have panned out. Green has followed his recruiting plan pretty thuroughly from the sounds of it. He's never named a leader, and has never said anything that would make people assume he would commit to Michigan from the beginning. So on that regard, he's absolutely nothing like Treadwell, Garnett, Diamond or the rest.


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I think you should stick with the formatting. It makes your comments appear like quotes and potentially more reliable although you should include a source /s


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but Twitter is the worst thing to ever happen to recruiting. It has its merits sure, but mostly it puts creepy 25-50 yr olds into direct contact with their 17 yr old man crushes who they've never met


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I was really excited about RJS about this time last year.  But, it seems like he is getting burried on the depth chart until at best his senior year.  Does this surprise anyone and will he ever be a starter before his senior year if at all?


November 26th, 2012 at 8:25 PM ^

Why do you think that RJS is getting buried in the depth chart until his senior year? He got some reps as a true freshman. Is it because we are recruiting other quality linebackers? If so, I think that your perspective may be impacted by recent years where any quality player is instantly a 3-4 year starter. Most good teams load up at every position with high level talent and them all of that talent cancompete for playing time, often resulting in quality players rotating in situationally as under classmen, and then locking down starting jobs by their last 2 years. Obviously there are exceptions.

I actually share your excitement for RJS. He has potential to be very good, but I don't see any reason that he doesn't play somewhat next year and then work in more time over his junior year.


November 26th, 2012 at 8:32 PM ^

Here's why:

Until RJS's senior year, M will have at least 3 guys always ahead of him.  Outside of injury, I don't see RJS ever passing Morgan, Bolden and Ross.  In addition to them, the coaches have said good things about Antonio Poole before his injury, and there's Kaleb Ringer in there as well.  Ben Gedeon is also a monster, and will be here next fall. 

But even if Poole, Ringer and Gedeon are behind RJS, he's still the 4th ILB until his senior year, where he'll still be 3rd unless Bolden or Ross go pro early.  He might get some snaps at LB as early as this fall, but I doubt he gets very many.  Not because he's bad, just because they guys ahead of him are good.


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Obviously this is not remotely in the realm of possibility, but for the sake of discussion if there could only be one where does everyone stand on green vs. ty? Obviously they both look like tremendous backs at the next level and we would be lucky to have either but I thought this might make for some fun discussion. And anyone with actual scouting experience please chime in I know at least for me the input is much appreciated.